Ashley Aliprandi, San Diego Life Coach, Espouses Smiles To Activate The Law Of Attraction

When we let go of resistance, life just happens and the path appears. When we aren’t looking for the path, we just look down and we are on it. The laws of the universe are attracting like things to like. So when we smile, laugh, and go with the flow, our world gives us reasons to do just that. We have access to all of this all of the time, it’s just a choice.

Some people say, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Ashley Aliprandi, a San Diego life coach adds, “A smile simply opens that window.”

Aliprandi relates a personal story, it was recently when I was having a hard time. I was going through the ebbs and flows of life. Things may have seemed that my life was unfolding perfectly for me, however, there was something missing. Have you ever felt that you were just missing that “spark,” that “excitement,” and “positive anticipation” about life? That’s where I was.

So the story goes like this: “A friend and I were at the SDSU game. Out of convenience I ask my friend to carry my ID and credit card. He respectfully accepts to hold them for safekeeping while we enjoyed our evening. The firework show ends and we walk away with chills still on our arms from the sheer explosive beauty of the show. The parking lot is crowded and loud Aztec fans flood out the doors to the sea of cars.”

Aliprandi smiles as she remembers,“We get to our car, drive to a delectable dinner and fine wine. With smiles on our face we say our goodbyes. First however, I retrieve my belongings, but one very important thing is missing: my license. Pockets are emptied, the car is searched, and lost and found is called, with no sign of ever finding that 2 x 3 inch identification.”

I was told I would need an angel to bring it back to me. Trying to ease Matt’s guilty feelings, I told him that it didn’t matter really, “Everything happens for a reason, if its gets returned, great; and if not, I get another chance at taking a better picture for my license. All is good.” I maintained this smiling attitude the whole ride home and even as I crawled into bed telling myself to let the universe do its thing. My only job was to be at peace.

I woke in the morning visualizing that I had already manifested a way for my license to just magically appear. I felt the feeling of excitement, laughter, and ease that I would be able to attract my license back to me. A few hours pass and I find a new “friend request” on Facebook. With a few messages back and forth, I find that I had willed my seemingly impossible savior into my life. With a little sign from the universe, I chuckled when he said, “Yes, I found your ID in a pothole amongst the hundreds of bustling people and thought; ‘Hey, why not be this Ashley’s angel.’ ”

We all make choices every day. We all have the choice to create with a smile.

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