As Business Owners Work Longer Hours And Earn Less, Small Business Expert Joe Siecinski Reveals Time Strategies In His New Book, Brainshare

Joe Siecinski, a small business expert of Joski International, recently published his book, “Brainshare: How Business Owners Make More Money And Have More Time.” This book is for business owners who work long hours and don’t earn enough.

“Whenever I talk to business owners, they always tell me that they don’t have enough time to get everything done, and they rarely have time to spend with the family,” said Joe. “My book outlines the exact strategies I have developed after working with countless business owners. These methods have many of my clients cutting down their 70-hour work weeks to around 30 hours.”

In his book, Joe outlines how he and his clients get more done in less time. Handling time is just the process of getting clear on what needs to get done and allotting the time required for those important functions. The process of clarifying your focus and maximizing results it not just theory, as Joe has been applying these techniques to a wide range of businesses for years.

“I met Joe around six months ago by pure chance. It’s been a wonderful journey since then. He has helped me organize my business life and get more time back in my day,” said Prudhvi T. “Joe’s greatest value to the business community and families is his business calendaring system. Before using his system, I worked a full 50 hour week, with no results. But when I did the test, turns out I was just doing 15 hours a week of productive work. I certainly haven’t met anyone working building a large business working 4 hours a week but I have meet successful people using Joe’s calendaring system. I rate it as one of the vital tools for launching a new business.”

Business owners can get Joe’s book or request a free strategy session with Joe at his website,