Andy Alagappan Has Helped More Than One Thousand Small Businesses Get Found Online

Great stage magicians are good at entertaining crowds with invisibility illusions, but Andy Alagappan knows that when it comes to small businesses, being invisible online can be disastrous. He’s built a business around making sure businesses get found online by customers who are searching for what they do.

Showing up in search engine results sounds like a simple process, but there are hundreds of criteria that search engine algorithms use to determine which websites to list on the results page. Learning how to structure a website and its content to meet this criteria as well as keeping abreast of the almost constant algorithm updates has become a science. It’s a task well outside the skillset of most business owners who are usually busy enough running their business. Andy Alagappan founded EPromotionz to handle this enormous task for business owners, so they can harness the business-building power of the internet without taking precious time away from their business to do it.

EPromotionz is celebrating its ninth anniversary of helping businesses succeed. In that time, it has helped more than one thousand small business owners, a fact Alagappan is particularly proud of. When he first opened the business, he only offered web design. With the advent of Web 2.0, as more businesses made the move online and built a web presence, he quickly saw that his clients were going to need much more than a great site, they were going to need a way to stand out from the crowd. Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click advertising were the means to do that, so he devoted himself to mastering both. Epromotionz has since added Content Creation and Social Media Marketing services in order to provide a full spectrum of inbound marketing services. As the company expanded its services, it also expanded its reach and now serves an international market.

Alagappan attributes a good deal of the success EPromotionz has enjoyed to the fact that he understands the business from both sides. Before launching EPromotionz, he owned a digital printing business in downtown Houston specializing in trade show graphics. It required huge capital investment to stay on top of his market and it was very difficult to measure results. He wanted his clients’ experience to be different, so EPromotionz uses extensive analytics to inform decisions and measure results so clients always know their return on investment. His mantra is “Consistent Improvement”.

When he isn’t busy driving growth for his clients, Alagappan enjoys nature photography and exploring our National Parks. He loves traveling to different countries and learning about new cultures.

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