American Way Media Introduces DFY Press Release Service For Local PR

American Way Media, an advertising agency and digital marketing firm based in Austin, TX, announces a press release service for local businesses.

Carolyn Holzman, founder of American Way Media says, “A massive amount of benefit, both tangible and intangible comes from publishing press releases about what local businesses are doing in their local communities or even nationally. We’ve used them and had tremendous success. When press releases are used on a continuing basis their business, their service or product is served right under the nose of clients that are looking for what they do.”

The service includes writing the press release from a news perspective, focusing around either brand name or a type of service or product offered by the company, as well as syndicating the announcement across dozens of newspaper, TV and radio news websites. Often this includes local TV affiliates such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX from several cities across the country.

According to their website, these press releases are handled in a very specific way to maximize the Google authority for the business while enhancing their search engine optimization or SEO efforts.

Often business owners not only think they don’t have any news, they think even if they did, the costs of writing and syndication are greater than their budget. American Way Media decided to make the barrier to entry as low as possible. Currently a standard press release is priced just under $400.

Holzman explains, “When we craft an optimized news release, it includes a quote from the CEO or business owner, backlinks back to their website, their business information, location and even a picture if one is available. This gives the business dozens of citations or mentions of their business as well as backlinks from trusted sites.”

“It sends validation signals about the business from websites that are NOT the business. This is exactly the type of signal that Google respects and rewards. Don’t get me wrong, the backlinks are valuable but these signals are of the nature that Google has clearly indicated within its patents that they value.”

A few days after syndication, which typically occurs within 72 hours or less after approval, customers receive a report which demonstrates all the pickups of the press release by the network.

American Way Media, LLC provides services that amplify to drive business and brands where people look. They help build an impressive online presence designed to help you win more contracts, clients and credibility. Services include press releases, reputation growth and marketing as well as other online modalities to grow new business and revenue by positioning the client as the go-to person, service or product.

For those interested in having their business or services highlighted or who have questions about how to get started, contact American Way Media at (512) 953-9484 or through their website.

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