Alex Wolk Shares Tips on What to Include in Landing Pages

The landing page is what consumers first see when they visit the webpage of many businesses. It is estimated that the average consumer will review a landing page for 7 seconds before deciding to look at it in further detail, or deciding to go somewhere else. Here are 7 elements that when used wisely will allow you to convince consumers to stay on your site and become loyal customers.

Navigation that is Transparent

Your aim is to get consumers to the buy now button as quickly as possible, ideally within 3 clicks. People prefer a fast and responsive landing page that has clear signposts to where they have to go to buy your goods and services. You should provide people with what they need to know to tempt them into buying whatever you sell. If something on the landing page or linked pages don’t sell your services get rid of it. All unnecessary detail needs to be removed to prompt people into action with relevant content. A great example of this is at KIND Handmade Soap.

No Flash, Just Substance

Many web developers can opt to go for a flash landing page to make up for poor quality goods or services. Alternatively, firms that are sure about the quality of what they sell can make the site full of useful information. You should provide details of what makes your goods worth buying and enough people will go on to make purchases from your site. Giving useful facts about your products will give people exactly what they are looking for. See a perfect representation of this at Wallner St. Louis Home sellers.

Make the Best Use of Space

When designing your landing page do so from the top left down to the bottom right corner. The key to attracting the attention of the consumer is to make the top left corner as appealing as you can. Visit Reveal NEMT Software to see an example of this.

Keep the Page Working

No consumer is going to stay on your site if none of the links from the landing page actually work. Have great content and appealing images will do you no good if every link comes up with a 404 page not found error. People have a limited amount of patience and if they cannot get your site to load properly after a couple of attempts they will go to a rival website. Before going live with your website make sure it is properly tested and reliable. Look at the site HHG Divorce Attorneys and click on a few links to see a great example.

Collect and Post Reviews

Consumers find product or service reviews helpful when looking at websites. So you should provide viewers the chance to provide reviews and make comments. Consumer reviews and comments provide extra insight for people considering your goods or services. They show that buying from your site is worth considering.

Detailed reviews that go into further details about why what you sell is worth buying are useful as they inform consumers about the advantages of your products. Otherwise, it can make consumers wonder if the reviews are actually true about the quality of the products. The great reviews on show this in action

Make Use of Social Media

Social media reviews can act as free advertising for your goods and services. It is really easy to do this by making your site share on Facebook, Twitter and more. So when a consumer puts a positive review of things you sell on social media it helps amplify your good reputation. Look at Liberty St. Louis Mortgage for a solid example of this.

Make Sure Images Show What you Sell

Some firms do not think about the images they are putting on their landing pages but they should. It makes sense to only show pictures of the goods or services that you actually provide. Incorrect pictures can mislead consumers even if that is not your intention. Misled consumers get angry, post poor reviews and ask for refunds. An example: if you only sell a product in black, don’t show photos in red and blue. See Renew Used St. Louis Furniture as an example of how to do it right.

Alex Wolk

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