Alan Schill Offers Personal Injury Law Firms New Digital Marketing Services To Help Attract The Most Desirable Cases

Alan Schill is quickly establishing himself as the premier internet marketing authority by offering digital marketing services to personal injury law firms and delivering unprecedented amounts of leads. Recognizing that simply having a website is no longer enough, Schill uses his search engine optimization skills to help personal injury law firms establish the online authority necessary to attract a sizable increase in high-dollar personal injury cases.

“Potential clients involved in high-dollar personal injury cases contact every law firm on the first page of online search results,” says Schill. “They have a different decision-making process. They want to hire the best firm and they associate authority with high search engine rankings. Law firms that don’t show up on the first page will miss out on the big cases.”

According to an ongoing consumer tracking study conducted by BIA/Kelsey, 97% of all consumers now use online media to find local businesses. One of the key findings of Search Engine Land’s Local Consumer Review Survey is that most people are just as likely to turn to the internet as they are to ask for personal recommendations about local businesses.

Studies like these mean that law firms that have relied in the past on client referrals and directory advertising must shift their marketing focus. It is becoming increasingly important for law firms to have a strong online presence so that their firm appears on the first page on internet search engines.

Alan Schill effectively assists personal injury law firms by attracting high-dollar personal injury cases. While many firms may be satisfied with small cases that earn anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000,  his/our clients continuously see dramatic increases in their revenue with Schill’s expertise.

Working with Schill may also help personal injury law firms stretch their marketing budget. “Law firms that use expensive SEO firms don’t know this,” says Schill. “Many of those SEO firms come to me for help when they can’t  get results for their law firm clients. I do the work. I get the results.”

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