Acing It: Martha Garzon’s Fashions Are Shielding Customers From Sun Damage With Style

During her successful career as a tennis coach, Martha Garzon of MGarzon Fashion ( saw that there was a need for attractive clothing that provided protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Unsatisfied with what was offered, she made the decision to take the leap from the tennis courts to the garment industry by founding her own clothing line. “I was able to turn an idea and a dream into a real business that is growing constantly,” Garzon says.

Spending a lot of time in the sun teaching tennis meant that Garzon had to take sun protection seriously, but she was unable to find garments that were able to fit all the criteria her career, health, and fashion sense required. In designing her own products, Garzon has found and developed a market that is right for her garments and is also ever-expanding.

“I started with one single product in only one color, a woman’s shirt which we sold to a few stores. Last year, we added 5 colors to our line of women shirts, plus pants for women, in addition to a new line of men’s shirts,” Garzon relates. “This year we are working on adding new styles to both our men’s and women’s line of products, plus adding accessories and kids’ clothing.”

Designing, manufacturing, and selling her own line of high-performance sportswear that offers maximum UV protection has recently taken on a more personal dimension for Garzon as her father is currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer. That diagnosis only deepened Garzon’s commitment to providing better quality garments that offered as much protection from the sun as possible, but that also didn’t limit an active, healthy lifestyle.

“I am an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for tennis and for finding solutions to any problem or obstacle in life,” she says. Garzon’s products are gaining popularity and garnering lots of attention both on and off the court. Repeat customer Tracy VieBrock says, “These pants are terrific. They are totally comfortable even in the brutal Florida sun and heat. I bought them for the sun protection since I have a history of melanoma on my leg. I started out buying one pair and now have five.”

Garzon is proud to wear her SGS-certified product line herself and offers her customers garments that boast top-of-the-line sun protection, wearability, ease in range of motion and great style that come complete with a money-back guarantee. In addition to protective clothing, Garzon also offers her clients access to her website and blog that feature more information about sun protection and tips to avoid sun damage and overexposure to dangerous UV rays.

“I get to fulfill my dream of having my own business and giving back to society by selling products that help spread the word about skin cancer prevention and the importance of living an active life,” she says. Garzon’s products are designed to be worn while exercising without sacrificing the functionality of going from the gym or tennis court to the grocery store or out to lunch. Made of a quick-drying fabric, they remain comfortable and fresh looking, even after a good workout.

Plus, Garzon’s personal involvement with both her product line and her customers means that she is able to develop relationships with her customers that extend beyond a simple retail experience. As such, MGarzon Fashion is constantly looking to improve its products and incorporate new technologies and sun-protection techniques into its rapidly expanding product line. You can find out more about Martha Garzon and MGarzon Fashion at: