ABC Is Boosting Fundraising Revenues With Innovation

Planning and executing a charity related fundraising event is no easy feat. Silent auctions are a popular way to consolidate individual donations into a fun and donation maximizing event, but they are often viewed with pitfalls for the charities involved. Keeping track of bids via paper and tallying up winnings is often inaccurate and frustrating for those running the event. So much so, that many charities are forgoing holding silent auctions simply to avoid the hassle. Enter: Auctions By Cellular (ABC) – – , a company that focuses on streamlining and optimizing the charity auction experience for both the charity involved and participants. In the past three years, ABC has raised over $140 million for charities in 10 markets and has been nominated for many awards, according to company press materials.

ABC utilizes unique mobile bidding technology that frees charities from paper, pencil and calculator. By keeping a running tally of every bidder, every item, and every bid cast, ABC offers streamlined service to increase revenue and make participation easy – for both the clients and the participants. ABC client and repeat customer Artis-Naples, a center for the arts in southwest Florida, said of their experience, “Not only did they facilitate in helping us raise a record setting amount of funds in one evening for an event such as this, they held a strong part in building and sustaining relationships with our patrons.”

Additionally, ABC streamlines the bulk of the work of the auction so the charity can maximize rewards without overtaxing volunteers or staff. The company provides an event production manager for every event and allows for participation by those who cannot make it to the event in person. Bids can be placed via many devices including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. By making space for non-attending bidders, ABC allows charities to ratchet up their donation potential by increasing the bidding pool and creating greater opportunities for participation by a wider and more diverse clientele, all for one flat fee.

By focusing on the user experience, ABC is able to assist in providing pleasing events for everyone involved, increasing revenues and enhancing the experience. A more enjoyable user experience ultimately leads to increased participation in future events.  ABC’s technological innovation allows for detailed reports on each event which allows clients to respond quickly and plan future events accordingly.

A James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award winner and a finalist for both for a Moxie Award and the Chicago Innovations Award, ABC is quickly gaining a wide-ranging and diverse clientele. With clients such as the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, and multiple professional sports teams, ABC is changing not only how charities and nonprofits raise money, but also how they plan for the future. Whether planning for a new charity event or looking to update a long-established, ABC works with clients to provide the best participant experience possible, increasing revenues overall, and helping to fill budgets and increase programming overall.

Dianne C. Yoss, of the Colorado Make-A-Wish Foundation, reported that her organization’s experience with ABC was key to making events run smoothly, even allowing her time to enjoy them herself. “By using ABC we not only made more money than ever at an event, but their services provided me with time. I actually had time to talk to donors, special guests, and volunteers. Because I knew ABC was taking care of the auction, I was able to manage other event and guest requests. It was wonderful.” She added, “The benefits of using ABC were more than what I expected. It’s more than just making more money, its dependable service. I also found the final reporting to be excellent and incredibly helpful.”

Working to help charities and nonprofits raise more money and gain more contributors is ABC’s mission. With a growing clientele that already boasts over 1500 clients, ABC offers charities exactly the services they desire. You can find out more about ABC – including information on pricing, services, and testimonials – by visiting their website: