A Method To Make The Consciousness Shift From “Me” To “We”

Relationship expert, author and consultant Wendy Foxworth, MML, knows how to support people in a fantastic new model of behavior called the “WeWay.” This new model was birthed as a solution for many of the challenges facing humanity today and is based on her twenty five years experience as a spiritual teacher and relationship coach.

You may be aware of the transformation that is happening on our planet that is offering a new approach to relationships. The purpose of this renovation is to make us aware that it is time to make the shift from a me-centered to a we-centered mindset. Indeed, nothing less than a shift to a we-centered mindset will support the co-creation of a new shared story to save our people and planet from certain extinction if we do not shift in time. So what’s involved in making the shift to a “we-centered” mindset?

First, we have to experience why a me-centered mindset doesn’t support us in manifesting the love, peace, equanimity, and financial serenity that we say we want for everyone. In me-centered mindsets other people are viewed as competitors for what we’ve been told is a limited size piece of pie. But, who wants to make a home or sleep with their competitor? How can you respect or care for your co-worker who is a competitor for the job promotion you hope to acquire? No matter how we play the “us vs. them” game at home or work, it is never satisfying, always stressful and creates destructive conflict and negative relationship drama.

Sad to say but what we see on our evening news is often just a mirror of the relational violence we perpetrate on one another in our often unconscious me-centered lives. In me-centered thinking we believe it is me against the world and all others are foes to be conquered. We commit daily acts of physical, emotional and psychological terrorism toward one another.

Even if we acquiesce and perform an action someone else’s way just to stop the negative conflict and drama, secretly we are resentful and act out passively to get back at others who didn’t include us in their decision-making. For instance, employees steal paper, pens, come late to work, withhold information to have power over others, get sick more often or work slower than is possible.

Have you ever recognized how many murders and assaults happen simply to prove that one person is more important, more right than another, or more deserving? A me-centered perspective always leads to physical, relational, psychological, emotional, spiritual, economical, and social violence in human community and it will never do anything different, because it can’t do anything other than what it is. Eventually, with enough pain, everyone will wake up to their me-centered ways and open to shift to a “we-centered” mindset that makes it possible to create healthy, fulfilling relationships at home and work.

Second, once we learn that the me-centered “us vs. them” game will never work to create a world that works for everyone, we then start moving towards realizing the knowing that “there has to be something better than this.” It is common for people to move away from parental homes and rigid religious or business communities with limiting belief systems, and to sojourn alone for a while to take an inner journey to find one’s own connection with Spirit (by all names). This is often a time of exploration and learning; reading self-help books, getting in shape, learning about healthier eating styles, doing meditation/contemplation exercises, starting personal therapy sessions or working with a spiritual director and exploring different spiritual community offerings.

During this time in one’s life, a person can often feel lost, like a nomad with no people and no land to which they belong. This inner search leads one to discover that not only is each person one with God, but we are all a small fragment of the huge body of Spirit that includes the entire universe. It dawns on us that we have a special calling to assist the Universe in evolving into its next best idea.

Wendy Foxworth says, “Once we realize that life is we-centered, then we know that everything is interconnected and interdependent. Knowing that each person’s mindset has an impact in all their relationships and their relationship with the planet, we can choose to change our mindset, which will change how we interact, and as a result our collective wisdom becomes available to provide useful solutions to the problems of our age.”

Life is a “we” in and through which every “me” is born into this world. I now am aware that the bread I ate for breakfast was made possible because of hundreds or thousands of other human beings and the nourishment provided by our planet – not just a few of my green dollars that bought the loaf of bread at the grocery store. Life isn’t just about “me”, it is about what “we” are choosing to co-create according to our mindsets as individuals and collectively as the human race.

Today, eighty percent of humanity interacts in “me-centered” ways with people in their lives. Eighteen percent of human beings are just starting to explore what a “we-centered” mindset can do to help one’s relationships. Two percent of humanity has embodied and embedded “we-centered” interactions in their relationships.

It is critical in the near future that at least another eight percent of humanity anchor, embody and use a “we-centered” mindset in all their affairs – at home, at work, in community organizations and in all relationships. If we can do this, together we can energetically counter-balance the natural resistance of old and fading away “me-centered” structures to lower the likelihood of having to lose up to 25% the earth’s human population like we did in the 6th and 14th centuries, when we previously transitioned from one developmental mindset to another.

Our longevity as a species will be determined by our cooperation in learning about, adapting to, and embedding the next developmental mindset now being revealed. May we purposefully move forward to embody and embed a“we-centered” mindset and do whatever it takes to move forward into an even more glorious future as a universal humanity.

To learn more about the WeWay and how this new technology can support you in your life and work, go to http://www.theweway.com and connect with Wendy Foxworth. Also on the site you can find her new book, “Co-Creating Good, Healthy Relationships: Living Life the WeWay with Everyone Every Day” which is available to help you make the shift from a me-centered to a we-centered mindset.