A Free Dating Site Breaks Through The 3400-User Mark Just In Time For Valentine’s Day Week

SettleForLove.com is a new dating site focused on honest profiles and transparency, making it quite unique in the online dating world. Recently, the innovative 100% free site announced that they broke the 3400-user milestone just in time for Valentine’s Day Week 2015. Users couldn’t be happier.

Honesty and online dating. Formerly, according to experts in the area, these were two things that were often quite distant from one another, with users on big name sites embellishing their profiles, only using the best of the best photos and sometimes even outright lying to try to attract attention. Recently, a new 100% free dating site launched with an overwhelming focus on honesty and transparency, http://www.SettleForLove.com. Its creators, users and advocates are describing the site as a better way to date online, free from the shadiness of earlier dating sites and social networking, which paint pictures far from reality. Recently, thanks to passionate users and a string of positive media coverage, the young site recently announced they’ve broken through the 3400-user milestone just in time for Valentine’s Day Week, 2015.

“It’s about being more honest,” commented David Wheeler, founder of SettleForLove.com. “You don’t snap 400 pictures and just choose the one that looks the best. Be a little more realistic and be honest about your imperfections. This is the formula on Settle For Love that’s helping people find the better match sooner, as opposed to wasting a lot of time on dating sites online. The spark for this idea came from my own experiences dating online five years ago. On traditional dating sites like Match, I saw firsthand that people were posting pictures of themselves from in their twenties, when they were now in their thirties and the difference was completely dramatic. I knew there had to be a better way and the idea for our honest and transparent dating site was born.”

According to Wheeler, users are asked to not only list their “pros,” but also their “cons” in the spirit of embracing imperfection. This includes both good and bad pictures, as well as even discussing what they would “settle for” in a less than ideal partner. All this combines for quite a unique package on Settle For Love, a site that has only been active for short amount of time with its membership rapidly growing. Wheeler believes when you build a community of honest people, it’s easier to be honest yourself.

With Valentine’s Day, the most popular time for dating sites, the team behind the site expects the numbers to continue to rise quickly in the weeks and months to come.

Users certainly are enthusiastic.

Sameer Gupta is a good example. Gupta, a 26 year-old buyer from Illinois, who was disappointed with his experiences on Match.com, eHarmony and other social networking sites, recently said, “When you sign up for these things, you’re kind of looking for something. Most people want instant gratification. This one felt as if things happened, it would be more of a connective nature. I felt like there would be more compatibility. Settleforlove.com seems more down to Earth than other sites. On Facebook, a person can select what they want to tell you or show you, and then when you meet them they can be completely different. But this way, if they see your pros and cons and still want to meet up, at least you know what they can and can’t do or what makes them tick.”

Thanks to Settle For Love, Wheeler has been dating a young lady he met on the site. Wheeler adds, “I’m so happy to have met her. She likes me, imperfections and all.”

For more information be sure to visit: http://www.settleforlove.com.