9 Steps To Finding “The Super Hero In You” Presented By Rise Up Media & Marketing

Everybody would like to have a superhero that comes to the rescue in the time of need, that has the solution to the dilemma.

Business Owners are not any different; they are looking for someone special that has the fix or solution to the problems they face.

Focusing on the need, finding the solution and saving the day.

1. [Your Name] Protects [Your Clients] From [A Big Fear or Enemy].

2. Briefly explain how you are helping your prospects.

3. Two to three sentence quote is detailing a problem you are solving.

4. Set up a well-known industry expert as agreeing with you.

5. Quote from the industry expert that backs up your previous statement.

6. Two to three sentences about the details of the solution.

7. Set up testimonials.

8. Quotes from your clients and customers.

9. Close and “Call to Action.”

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Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing, producer and host of Rise Up Radio on Business Innovators Radio, authorized contributor to Authority PressWire submitting media worthy content to over 350+ Affiliate Network Partners including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Radio, and Magazine. Interviewing, Top-Performing Professionals that can CONNECT with your city’s people and businesses, INSPIRE all of us to achieve our dreams, TRANSFORM the city by focusing on the resilience of the people and positively IMPACT all who live and work there.