76-Year-Old Runner Stan Cottrell Launches Inspirational Book At NRB 2020 Nashville To Support His Third Trans-USA Run Event And Charity

Nashville, TN — Acclaimed world distance runner, author and inspirational speaker, Stan Cottrell, is launching his third book, Thoughts on the Run, at NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention in Nashville February 26-28 to raise funds for his trans-USA run launch April 15 and to support children’s charities.

Cottrell will be in Booth 303 at NRB engaging people and running the treadmill for hours. He will be demonstrating endurance conditioning and remote health monitoring tools such as armtrackrTM and “Yes Doctor Dashboard.” Media, readers, fitness buffs, the health-concerned, potential donors and sponsors will find the affable Cottrell welcoming and invigorating. Watch live streaming from NRB via https://viewstub.com/The-Amazing-Friendship-Run-at-NRB-2020#.

A certified health coach and fitness trainer, Cottrell wants to inspire people of all ages for fit lives starting where they are now. They don’t have to emulate his 100 days of marathons in the 3,000-mile Amazing Friendship Run starting April 15th from Los Angeles. But they can run with him and join in festivities across the nation.

The historic Run Event will be captured with daily broadcasts, live streaming and a non-fiction feature film through A.C.T. International (Artists in Christian Testimony) and CIFF (Jason Barbeck, Producer). It will finish July 31, 2020 at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  

Cottrell has been given a clean bill of health to make this, his third run across America, following remarkable recovery from a near-fatal heart attack only a year ago. He broke the prior Guinness World Record on his first trans-USA run 40 years ago.

 “If I can do this at 77 years young and fight back from life-threatening situations, then all of us can do something, if only to take the first few steps,” insists Cottrell.

This same indomitable spirit characterized the Global Friendship Ambassador’s extreme ultra-distance runs across 40+ countries to “connect one human heart with another” regardless of station in life or politics — runs on which only deep, sincere faith could sustain him. It has also given him a heart for children in need, beneficiaries of the ultra-run’s charitable proceeds.

Now Cottrell bares his soul in the inspirational book, Thoughts on the Run, debuting at NRB 2020. Its daily ruminations reflect his vast experiences and intense life trials, tribulations and triumphs. From modest beginnings in backwoods Kentucky to the rice paddies and palaces of the world, he has gained keen insights from intermingling with throngs of people from all walks of life and facing the pain, struggles, introspection and revelations of long hours running on endless stretches of lonely roads.

Thoughts on the Run is Christian author Stan Cottrell’s third nonfiction inspirational book. Its abundance of daily anecdotes, wit, moving remembrances, both humorous and heart-wrenching events, growing wisdom and trust in God will encourage and inspire readers even as its proceeds support children’s needs with the trans-USA run.


The Fitness Witness, world distance runner Stan Cottrell is an author, filmmaker, fitness expert, international businessman and award-winning inspirational speaker. He has run over 250,000 miles through 40 countries in the span of four+ decades, inspiring and touching the lives of over One Billion people. A former Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Guinness World Record Holder for his first trans-USA run, he is recipient of over eleven Presidential Awards and Congressional Resolutions as well as numerous foreign government accolades and the prized HAFL Award (American Fitness Hall of Fame). Cottrell holds multiple health coach and fitness certifications.

Chairman of Friendship Sports Association charity (sports, fitness, health, helping children), Cottrell turns 77 as he begins The Amazing Friendship Run trans-USA to encourage everyone take control of their health and raise money for charity.
More: FriendshipSportsAssociation.com


April 15–July 31, 2020, Stan Cottrell will average 30 miles per day for 100 days from Los Angeles to DC. The trans-USA run event is sponsored by Friendship Sports Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Tucker, Georgia and ARM Advanced Remote Monitoring (armtrackr.com) to create awareness of fitness and vital children’s charity causes. Working with A.C.T. International (Artists in Christian Testimony) and CIFF for daily broadcasts and a non-fiction feature film, the run team and sponsors will be offering a wealth of free events and sponsor products along the route. The public is invited to join the run and festivities. Get more information: https://armpowersuit.com/the-friendship-run/


Hope For Families Adoption and Counseling Services, HERO Foundation (orphans), The Salvation Army, WLOC Clothes For Kids (Appalachia), Friendship Sports Association, Larger Than Life (families facing pediatric cancer), and Feed the Children.