26 Years In Business: Hair Engineer Irene Redman Shares A Cut Of Her Map To Success

When starting a business, entrepreneurs learn quickly that the birth of a business is similar to the birth of a marriage. Passion, hope, love, excitement, creativity, and a fulfilling sense of life purpose runs deep in their veins. 26 years ago when she first started her business, Irene Redman was no different. Redman was raised on a farm in the rural area of Lawrence, Kansas. Hard work, honesty, and good moral values were ingrained into her as a child growing into adulthood.

From a very young age Redman knew hair design was her true passion, and she carried that passion to Topeka, Kansas where she learned and worked diligently to perfect her craft and build a loyal customer base for over 20 years, before venturing into her own multi-facet hair salon and day spa. Today that business is named Avenue Hair Salon and Day Spa which she has successfully been operating for over 26 years.

Like a marriage, maintaining a successful business requires steadfastness, hard work, and commitment. These are truly the cornerstone to maintaining success and longevity in your business. According to Redman, “To maintain steadfastness you must have pure passion and a unfailing belief in yourself and your business.” She states, “When it comes to hard work a person must be willing and able to continue to educate and recreate themselves to stay in the forefront of their profession.”

Oftentimes, business owners get complacent within their business and fail to recognize that adaptation of new skill sets and products are a must to keep your doors open for business. Showing your customer that you passionately care for them keeps them coming back. When we lose our passion for what we do, the lack of commitment becomes our by-product. One of Redman’s business taglines is: “A day at the spa is a month of good feeling.” While obtaining new customers, Redman has also maintained a great deal of her charter customers. Irene Redman’s map of success is definitely going in the right direction. More cuts of her map are sure to come in the near future.

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