#1 Best Selling Author Kenneth Bracewell And Author Michael Leslie, Provide Insight And Lessons Learned With New Book

#1 Best Selling Author Kenneth Bracewell and Author Michael Leslie, two military veterans share with the reader their transition from military service member to veteran. They provide insights they term ‘lessons learned’ which helped them as they made this sometimes emotional and traumatic very personal journey. This book is Lessons Learned: A Little Book of Big Military Ideas  is written to assist transitioning military and non-veterans alike, to provide support and guidance; that enabled each writer, to succeed in their after military service goals. Often too many veterans feel they are alone and left behind, lost and experiencing emotional traumas. This book proves that this is not so. Here, two fellow veterans determined in the writing of this book that No veteran gets left behind! 

To find out more go to: http://www.kennethbveteran.com/  Kenneth and Michael are available for book signings and Speaking gigs as well.