Yoga Is More Than A Way Of Life For Lourdes Sanchez. It’s A Business.

For Lourdes Sanchez, yoga isn’t just an exercise regimen, it’s a way of life. Recently opening her first yoga studio – Om Yoga & Wellness Studio ( in the Dominican Republic city of Bonao, Sanchez is working to bring that yoga glow to new clients.

At Om Yoga & Wellness Studio, Sanchez treats the whole client and takes the long view when it comes to physical fitness.
“What I enjoy most about what I do now is the look on my clients’ faces when they see their own progress week by week,” Sanchez says. “The sense that things are changing and the feeling of ‘I can do this’ are truly rewarding.”

Sanchez offers personalized, one-on-one service to her clients to be sure they are getting the most out of Om Yoga & Wellness Studio’s services. When Sanchez learned that one client was having a particularly tough time with back pain, she looked deeper. In asking him more questions and watching him move, she realized that his pain wasn’t emanating from his back at all.

“I have a client that has had three back surgeries and was still suffering from sciatic pain,” Sanchez says. “One look at him and I knew his problem was not in his back, it was in his hip. After our first session he signed up. Now, his back feels great and his pain is at a tenth of what it used to be.”

In addition to specialized individual care, Sanchez offers clients the opportunity to look and feel better with results that last. At Om Yoga & Wellness Studio, clients are able to work on their physical fitness, nutrition, as well as overall wellness techniques. Sanchez offers guidance to her clients in more than just achieving proper poses and flawless technique. She offers nutrition counseling and has found that practicing yoga helps her clients lower their overall levels of stress.

Promising each client positive results, Sanchez realizes that every student that comes to her studio may have different goals in mind. She is dedicated to meeting each client where they are and helping them reach their personal wellness and fitness goals.

“Om Yoga & Wellness Studios is for everyone,” Sanchez stresses. “For people who just want to relax, for people who want to get fit, for people who need to get centered, for people who just want to feel better, for athletes who want to maximize their muscles, for moms who want to get back in shape, for kids for adolescence, for everyone.”

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