Yani Hamilton – Life Design Specialist Tackles Weight Gain Epidemic in Reality TV Show

Yani Hamilton, a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®, has launched an online reality television show called “Never Lose Weight Again.”

Mr. Hamilton started his career as a hypnotherapist helping clients to quit smoking. He soon noticed that a common concern many smokers had about quitting was subsequent weight gain. Mr. Hamilton himself had also struggled with weight issues for over ten years.

“Weight had never been an issue to me until I hit thirty. And then things started to get out of hand and what began for me is the same thing that so many people have challenges with. I found myself in this crazy cycle of yo-yo results, crash dieting and bursts of exercise, and it just wasn’t working for me. No wonder obesity has literally reached epidemic proportions,” states Mr. Hamilton.

The approach Mr. Hamilton takes deals with the way a person’s mind works. He believes there is a natural level of weight that the body maintains almost effortlessly, a phenomenon he calls the weight-o-stat. Similar to a thermostat which regulates the temperature in an environment, the weight-o-stat regulates a person’s weight. It is possible to achieve temporary results by extreme measures like dieting, but the weight-o-stat will ultimately return the body back to its set level, much to the frustration of people trying to achieve lasting results with their weight.

Mr. Hamilton says, “The timeworn advice everyone gets is to just eat less and exercise. But if the diet and exercise solution worked, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because by now, most of us would have got things under control. We’d be solving other issues, and not dealing with a major concern that’s affecting people all over the world.”

Mr. Hamilton’s program will be filmed live and shown in weekly episodes online. This allows viewers to see how participants are taken through a step-by-step process and chronicles their progress over a three month period. “To me it’s really important that viewers see the reality of what it is we’re doing, I’m not a believer in scripted reality shows”, Mr. Hamilton says.

“Never Lose Weight Again” is currently launching in Australia and will be available to a worldwide audience over the internet.

To learn more about Yani Hamilton, visit: YaniHamilton.com.