Women Innovators: Leaders,Makers and Givers Is No. 1 Best Seller for Knowledge Capital and Women Studies

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Tamara “Tami” Patzer releases Book 1 in Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers – Women Who Make a Daily Difference with Ferlie Almonte, Dr. Joanny Liu, Yvonne Herbst, Alicia Vaca, Hindy Zeifman-Stegman, Cindy Arledge, Loretta James Baker, and Angela Wilson Lee, and Editor Kristina Jacobs.

Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers was a No. 1 Best Seller  on Amazon  for Knowledge Capital and also was recognized as a Hot New Release in Women Studies.

In its Women Innovators foreword, Resilience Leader Ferlie Almonte writes: “A woman innovator is a fine, bad-ass lady who has an audacious, trailblazing vision of a life-changing product or service, who dared to take massive, inspired action, and rocked it like a boss!” 

Almonte shares her own big message and big mission about resilience  along with seven other women innovators, who share their big messages and big mission when the world needs them now. Joining her are Dr. Joanny Liu, Hindy Zeifman-Stegman, Cindy Arledge, Loretta James Baker, Angela Wilson Lee, Yvonne Herbst, and Alicia Vaca with editing by Kristina Jacobs.

Women Innovators Radio are selected based on their qualities as leaders, makers, and givers as women who make a daily difference.

Angela Wilson Lee

Author and Interior Designer Angela Wilson Lee shares how she transforms houses into homes made for living. Wilson Lee is an example of a heart-centered leader. “I learned long ago that our joy and sorrow are planted and us early on and it is up to us to choose which seed we want to nourish. Being included in Women Innovators is proof of that,” said Angela Wilson Lee. “Never let the past, the opinions of others, or even your own negative self/talk be the last word. We all came to this planet with something in us that is able to bring joy to the rest of humanity. What is your joy? Share it with others.” 

Dr. Joanny Liu

Best-selling author Dr. Joanny Liu shares her vision to make massive improvements in how to heal  concussions with Phase 1 of Hope for Million with Brain Injury project.

“The brain is the only organ we have that we can CONSCIOUSLY change. The only one. The brain can regenerate but we must control it because brain plasticity can either shrink the brain or make it and keep it healthy. That’s why the research project, Hope For Millions With Brain Injury is SO important,” said Dr. Joanny Liu. 

Yvonne Herbst

Marketing Expert Yvonne Herbst shares how she helps local businesses harness the power of online marketing methods including Facebook advertising. Yvonne Herbst uses the power of Facebook advertising and call tracking to create massive ROI (return on investment) for local businesses. “There are some remarkable cutting-edge marketing tools that can help create positive cash flow for local businesses,” said Yvonne Herbst. “We can help local businesses measure and manage their budgets for results!” 

Alicia Vaca

Kiss My Butter creator Alicia Vaca tells her story of how she took a trip to Africa and turned it into a sustainable health-related business.

“Our mission is to “Change the Way you Shea!” said Alicia Vaca. “We are committed to producing all natural products which promote health and beauty, and present them in ways yet unseen. We also strive to be a blessing in our community, both locally and globally. Because travel is huge passion and has been a living history lesson in my life, a percentage of proceeds from our profits will be contributed to fostering travel experiences for youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity. We are partnering with Atlanta Based Non-Profit, Inspired Wandering Cultural Exchange to achieve this objective.”

Hindy Zeifman-Stegman

Hindy Zeifman-Stegman is a globally renowned transformational leader who uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics and Feng Shui energy to help people transform their environments and their lives. In Women Innovators, Zeifman-Stegman outlines how Feng Shui and mental energy affect each of us.  “One of the most important things we must understand is gratitude,” said Hindy Zeifman-Stegman. “It is important to let go of your negative beliefs.”

Cindy Arledge

Best Selling Author Cindy Arledge is changing how families create legacies for future generations.

“Traditional use of legal documents to transfer wealth isn’t working, inheritances fail 85% of the time, said Cindy Arledge.  “Legacy Family Planning is the critical ingredient for preparing heirs and protecting family unity. Most families are unprepared for the greatest threat they face: an inheritance. Money doesn’t destroy families, unprepared heirs do. Legacy Family Planning is the essential planning tool successful families use to improve family relationships and create family unity before, during and after the wealth transfer process.” 

Loretta James Baker

Former nanny to the stars, Loretta James Baker share show she is helping women travel the globe with her new travel adventure services.

“The first half of my life I lived for them, the second half of my life I’m living for me,” said Loretta James Baker. “Now, we are living alive at over 55!”

“Women Innovators is a series of books featuring women from around the globe who exemplify the courage, persistence, and like Ferlie Almonte said, “audacity” to bring their big messages and big missions into the light,” said Tamara “Tami” Patzer, creator and publisher of the Women Innovators Radio show and book series. Patzer said there are more volumes of Women Innovators in production and she is seeking women who are leaders, makers and givers: Women Who Make a Daily Difference.

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