William Michael Forbes Shines Spiritual Light Every Saturday

The world can be a bleak place at times, however spiritual medium and intuitive life coach William Michael Forbes is here to brighten our lives through his YouTube show ‘Supernatural Saturday’.

With riches in the form of personal and professional experience and extensive knowledge amongst the spiritual world, tune in with William to share his wealth with you and explain what many consider, the unexplainable.

Why should I put faith in William and what experiences has he experienced?

Being a well-respected medium is no easy feat, but William has managed to achieve that respect amongst both his clients and social media followers. A memorable paranormal experience of Williams took place in the beautiful mountains of Gros Morne National Park. He heard the voice of his recently deceased mother-in-law, and through this encounter he was able to uphold a conversation with both his partner and the recently deceased, lasting almost 45 minutes. In addition to this, divine intervention has saved his life from imminent danger numerous times.

By tapping into the hidden realms of knowledge, energy and consciousness he can and has helped many of his clients overcome the most difficult of circumstances, allowing them to ascend to a happy point within their life once again. He uses his gift to selflessly provide answers to those who seek it.

Put your sceptical thoughts behind, tune in and explore the unseen world with William, he welcomes all with open arms.