Wellness Coach Changes The Game For People Facing Chronic Health Challenges

A breath of fresh air in health coaching and advocacy is what Carey Kauffman’s unique Certified Professional Wellness Coaching credential and experience brings to people facing chronic health challenges. Her Atlanta based company, WellSelf 360 (http://www.WellSelf360.com), was formed initially with the idea of helping women and families to live healthier, more vibrant lives. More recently, a growing number of her clients come to her specifically to manage existing chronic conditions or prevent future health issues.

This evolution came about through a combination of life events including “the perpetually coached” life of a competitive athlete in basketball and the tragic loss of her infant son to a rare genetic lung disease known as PCD. “I had no idea that I would be stepping into the space of chronic health conditions, but the various roles I have assumed for the PCD Foundation  (http://www.pcdfoundation.org), as a coach and a mother have opened my eyes to the quality of life issues that patients, families and caregivers face on a daily basis when there no cure in sight and treatments are limited.”

A former star athlete of Duke University’s Women’s Basketball and a Professional Women’s Basketball League in Spain, Kauffman infuses humor, warmth and practical coaching techniques with a balanced view. Clients (who may also be under the care and supervision of a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners) find her approach refreshing. The result is that Kauffman combined her experiences as a high performance athlete, health enthusiast and patient advocate with evidence-based coaching principles into an “Empowerment Model for Health and Well-being” specifically for helping people to live happier, healthier lives in the face of a chronic illness through sustainable, nutritional and lifestyle change.

Her five core coaching principles include:

Principle 1: Nurture an empowerment mentality.

Chronic disease care is often about “what is being done to me” versus “what I can do” to impact my health. Kauffman helps individuals to think critically about their own well-being and treatment – and to make informed, autonomous decisions with a can-do attitude.

Principle 2: Engage the whole person.

Internalizing that a diagnosis is what you have, not who you are, is fundamental to personal growth and overall well-being.

Principle 3: Energize team support.

Following treatment protocols and making changes can be isolating. Kauffman engages the family and circle of care to best support  behavioral changes over the long haul.

Principle 4: Expand view to impact 360º full circle.

When sole focus is to treat the chronic illness, the basics of staying healthy often fall by the wayside. Kauffman strives to achieve the right balance to realize the best outcome possible for the individual.

Principle 5: Evidence-based coaching model co-exists in a circle of care.

The “Empowerment Model for Health and Well-Being” is evidence-based and rooted in the science of behavioral change. According to the CDC, higher levels of well-being are associated with: decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; speedier recovery; increased longevity; more productivity at work; and a greater likelihood of community interaction.

“While doctors impart expertise and treat disease, I partner with people to create a mental shift that supports the sustainable lifestyle changes they need to live happier, healthier lives in the face of a chronic illness,” adds Kauffman.

She emphatically states, “No matter what the diagnosis, I believe individuals have the power within to make a real difference in their own well-being. I help them access that power with a personalized mix of insight and know-how at the right pace.”

She adds, “My mission now is to truly help people with chronic health conditions, who struggle day-by-day and who are ready and willing, but wonder if it is even possible to have a better quality of life. I can help people and I will work in tandem with their caregivers and healthcare providers to ensure that every precious breath they take, is leading them on the path to optimal well-being.”

About Carey Kauffman:  

An epiphany about her own personal coaching experiences as an athlete got the wheels turning towards a health coaching career. She realized that it is common for top-notch executives and athletes to receive coaching from some of the best coaches and was baffled by the fact that there are complete populations of people facing chronic health challenges who feel powerless to impact their own quality of life and well-being.  As a WellSelf 360 Coach, her mission is to empower her clients to translate healthy, life-giving behaviors in ways that appeal to them and where they can begin to realize benefits within a short period of time.

If you are seeking more information about Carey Kauffman and how WellSelf 360 coaching might empower you, your patient or someone you know, please visit: http://www.WellSelf360.com/chronic-illness.

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