Wedding Vows Renewal For Shemekia And Leroy Junior Samuels

As the 10th wedding anniversary of Shemekia and Leroy Junior Samuels approaches, the couple are preparing to have a memorable time in Jamaica, their native island; among the people who watched them grow and mature into productive citizens. It ‘s a tradition in Jamaica for a young lady to remain living under her parents roof  until her wedding day. Then the man of her dreams walks her down the aisle and puts a ring on her finger, a symbol of commitment and oneness.

The “bride to be” and the groom’s parents get together and not only plan the wedding, but they put their assets together to give them a wedding celebration. Only then will the young lady receive her parents blessings and be allowed to live with her husband, now seen not as two, but one, joined together in holy matrimony. Shemekia and Leroy expressed that they missed experiencing this part of their culture due to unexpected circumstances.

Shemekia says, “We were high school sweethearts and eloped while pursuing our college degrees, and in spite of the rocky road along the way, with God’s help, the undeniable love, admiration and respect we shared towards each other brought us through.” She went on to say, “This is a very important day for me, since ten years ago, we were not able to have the dream wedding every girl’s heart desires.” After many years of  marriage comes a well-respected tradition among native Jamaicans, “the renewal of  wedding vows” which takes place after ten, twenty-five, thirty or even fifty years of marriage. Shemekia and Leroy desire to do this as a symbol of new beginning and re-commitment to each other, making it known that their love remains strong. In the Jamaican culture there is a noticeable difference between getting married and the  renewal of marriage vows. During the first wedding, the parents are more involved than in the renewal, mainly because in the second one, the two are on their own, no longer dependent on their parents.

Shemekia and Leroy oftentimes reflect back to their life’s journey in preparation to make changes where needed and enhance the positive aspects thereof. They consider their marriage to be the center of their lives at this time. Shemekia says, “As we look back and see God’s many blessings in our lives, over the years, we just want to express our gratitude and re-commit  our marriage to God. Therefore, on July 12th, 2014, in the presence of close friends and family we will walk down the aisle leaving our past behind, savoring the present and embracing the bright future God prepared for us.”

Shemekia and Leroy Junior Samuels wedding ceremony will be held on July 12th, 2014 at the Four Winds Villa, in Jamaica. They will re-affirm their love and commitment in the presence of friends and family. Shemekia and Leroy want to be an example to the youth of today, by sharing life’s principles and moral standards with them. Shemekia is the founder of a female group and author of the book, “I Love My Sister.” Her goal is to be an inspiration to young girls and guide them through the path of life.

Shemekia and Leroy Junior Samuels would like  not just to make their re-commitment known to everyone, but also be an inspiration to all who should come in contact with them. For more information about Shemekia and Leroy please visit their webpage at: