Vitoria Castro, Video Marketing Expert, Helping Women Entrepreneurs Create Marketing Videos

It is imperative that women entrepreneurs use online video with its ability to engage, entertain, and create brand loyalty to exponentially grow their businesses. Software giant Cisco Systems made a statement in 2012 that shocked the industry when they predicted that 90% of all web traffic will be video by the end of this year and mobile video traffic will increase 14-fold by 2018. By looking at major sites across the internet we can see how video is continuing to play a dominant role in online content.

Video is powerful because engages and entertains. It is an effective tool for branding customer loyalty and is the delivery method of choice for content for the foreseeable future. Vitoria Castro, Video Marketing Expert, saw this growing trend and decided to address it head on with what she calls Video Marketing for Women.

“When we conquer our fears, we give ourselves permission to bring out the best in ourselves. English is not my native language. I had to overcome my own fear of being on camera so I completely relate with this issue that many women have. There is no better time for women entrepreneurs to take advantage of video marketing. Being afraid simply is not an option if you really want to stand out from the crowd and have massive success.” says Castro.

Castro realized she could help other women turn fear into success by teaching them the techniques she used to create her videos. With her background in Visual Arts and a Masters-level study in Photography, she mastered the technical skills of video creation, then went on to spend years perfecting the art of online marketing using video.

Vitoria now empowers women to spread their message, grow their businesses and their following by mentoring them through the process of getting over their fears and give them strategies on how to be successful from the very start of their video creation process.

Media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, has been a long time proponent of women finding mentors to develop their skills to be even more effective in creating change, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. I think mentors are important and I don’t think anybody makes it in the world without some form of mentorship. Nobody makes it alone. Nobody has made it alone.”

Castro’s mentoring program, Video Marketing for Women, helps take a business to the next level by combining marketing strategies to build a strong brand online. “I help women entrepreneurs communicate their message effectively through online video by attracting and engaging with their ideal customers. With video they can position themselves as the authority in their market so they can make a difference, get the clients that they want to work with, and find the freedom they have always wanted while having fun doing it. It’s got to be fun!” says Castro.

Women can take the enthusiasm for what they do, the confidence in who they are and how they truly help others, and connect, engage and inspire thousands through capturing their message with effective video strategies.

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