Virtual Assistant Company Owner Rebecca Shares Why Her Clients Are Outperforming Their Competition

Outsourcing is not a new concept, however in the fast paced corporate world it is not enough for Virtual Assistants to be great at administration only. You also need to have enough business smarts and entrepreneurial nous to help your client move towards their bigger business vision.

That’s the mantra of Rebecca Bennett owner of QA Consultancy, who recently opened her books to take on more high performance executives and business owners.

While many VA companies continue to rely on providing traditional administration support within set hours, Rebecca shares why her new and innovative approach to the VA industry norms are in demand and how she helps her clients prosper in both their business and personal lives.

“We offer the four things our client really needs trust, availability, reliability and business perspective. Every action we take is to enhance, to improve, and to ensure our clients can reach and exceed their performance and sales targets. You can rest assured that everything we do is handled in complete confidence and with a high level of discretion”

Rebecca’s clients describe her as their secret agent and their trusted lieutenant, who works away diligently behind the scenes freeing them from time pressure, enabling them to meet deadlines and to take on more clients to increase revenue. When her clients need a break or help in their personal lives Rebecca remains on call to book holidays, personal appointments, even arranging gifts through her concierge service, which she says is becoming just as popular as her administration branch.

Current research proves that business owners and executives are not just looking for another administrator. According to the Virtual Assistant Industry, 60% of business owners wanted help with projects and were looking for Virtual Assistants – but were struggling to find Virtual Assistants who understood business from an owner view point, rather than an employee position.

“Our approach is based on traditional values integrity, honesty and reliability. We also recognize that as business owners and executives look for ways to excel their performance, they need someone who can stand in their shoes, understand the responsibility and have the foresight to know what to do next and when to do it. So we have created a way to incorporate the traditional expectations of virtual assistant help and have modernized it to suit the needs of our clients”

Having been in the industry for what Rebecca describes as “a very long time”, Rebecca uses her experience and her entrepreneurial savvy to help her clients reach and exceed their ultimate business and financial vision. Rebecca has been part of building some big name businesses and is currently in talks with high profile clients. So while her clients don’t often share their use of QA Consultancy services, it is obvious with her expansion Rebecca is doing something right and that QA Consultancy is the perfect complement to the goals of high performing business owners and executives.

To learn more about how Rebecca can help support you and your company to leverage time, enhance your productivity, help you focus on getting results and getting recognized for them, visit