Video Series Shows Pet Businesses How to Profit by Getting Their Message Out There

PetBiz profits have released a new video series detailing a new marketing system that combines tried and tested marketing methods with robust user friendly technology that helps pet and vet businesses streamline their marketing.

The ‘Accelerated Pet Business Marketing System’ has been design specifically for pet business. It uses a $4million proprietary system that allows a business owner to deliver their marketing message in a powerful and efficient way to their prospective customers.

Whereas traditional marketing uses repeated messages to try and convince people that a product is the one they should buy. This system is intended to lift the business owner to the position of becoming a recognized authority in their niche or industry, making them someone whom their markets listens and responds to.

Business partners Brian Richards and Mark Moxom realized that traditional ways of marketing were not working for many in the pet business niche. Instead, they set out to combine the best of what they see is working now across many other industries and tailor it specifically for pet and vet business owners with the primary intention of helping them to stand out from their competition.

The system works on the premise that people most typically buy from authority figures. This is why historically film and sports stars like Nicole Kidman, Tiger Woods and Rihanna have been used to promote products and services – because ‘nothing sells like celebrity’. Both Richards and Moxom believe that by helping a business owner become a celebrity in their niche, then their influence and value in that market will steadily go up as well.

The recent reporting of the number of online transactions shows that the market is changing. Statistically as much as in practice, people are becoming more comfortable with buying on line and some are even content to swap this convenience for price – within reason. “Yes! The market is changing and businesses have to sell the way their customers want to buy. Not doing so is certain death. And easy access to information means that customers no longer believe advertising – but they do respect the opinions of people they look up to.” Said Moxom

Becoming a celebrity may not be for everyone. But it may appeal to some in the pet business world.

There are 21 videos in the series each dealing with a different aspect of marketing for pet business. You can access them for free by going to PetBiz Profits website.