Victor Razee San Diego Empowerment Coach | The Gift Of Emotions Your Life’s Guiding Light

Victor Razee, a San Diego Empowerment Coach says, “As humans you were born with this beautiful gift that we call emotions. It’s a gift that some say is from your spirit or your higher self or God or the Universe.” Emotions are a gift to let us know that what we are thinking is in alignment to our heart’s desires. What we call negative emotions are nothing more than an indication from our higher self that we are thinking thoughts that do not serve us. Thoughts that prevent us from the direction our hearts, our spirits, want to go. That’s why it feels bad.

Whether we label it anger, sadness, guilt, fear or whatever other label we use as humans, it’s just an indication from our body, a feeling from our body, telling us what we are thinking now is not serving us. At that point choose a different thought. A better feeling thought that allows you to align to what you really want.

We call those positive emotions. When we’re feeling positive emotions, whether it’s love, joy, freedom or empowerment, whatever label is put on it that is our body talking to us. Information from our body telling us that what we’re thinking now is in alignment to our heart’s desires, so keep it up.

In a nutshell, that’s what our emotions are and that’s why many of us call it a gift. It’s an internal GPS system. It’s a guiding system and it’s a gift to let us know we’re either heading in the right direction, or we’re not going the direction we want.

It’s very important to begin with the belief that it is okay to have what we call negative emotion. Many people actually get mad because they’re mad. They get upset because they’re sad. They believe that it is something bad or wrong to have these emotions. The one thing that is very important to know and believe is that whether we call it a positive emotion or a negative emotion, all emotions in a sense are positive, because they’re simply information that your body is giving you to let you know the direction your thoughts are going.

If you are experiencing unwanted emotions, whether anger, sadness or whatever label you want to use. One of the most effective ways to let go of the emotion is to become aware of how you feel. Many people tend to deny what they’re feeling. Therefore, they suppress what they’re feeling and it gets worse and worse and worse. Once you become aware of what you’re feeling, and it only takes a second or two, accept it. Okay, so I am angry. I’m feeling anger and I am angry.

Razee explains, “How you feel is a choice. For some, that could be challenging, especially when they’re feeling anger.” He adds, “A person does not choose to feel anger. No one will purposely choose to feel anger, but it is a choice, an unconscious choice. Start to be more conscious, start to be more deliberate on the thoughts that you choose. By doing so, you will start to be more deliberate on the emotions that you feel.”

According to Razee, “Your emotions are a result of what you think. Be more deliberate on the thoughts that you choose. Then you will start to be more deliberate on the emotions that you feel.”

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