Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist Creates A New Course To Awaken And Inspire Every Woman To Live Joyfully Via The Five Senses.

Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT, Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist and creator of the “Joy Coaching System” has created a new “Beginning Course” to awaken and inspire every woman to live joyfully by adding to her lifestyle “Nurturing Heart, Home & Family” via the five senses.

“The Joyful Living Series” was created for every woman in the 21st Century who often finds herself in need of self -nurturing while balancing home and career life; juggling many roles including homemaker and ofttimes provider!

Karyn not only facilitates nurturing sessions as a part of her practice, but is also educating women across America on the value of self-care for heart, mind, body and spirit via the five senses. Karyn is encouraging women to discover the joy in reclaiming their rightful roles as “Nurturers” for their own hearts, homes and families.

Carol A Santella

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