Vera Ambuehl, Seattle, WA Area Business Consultant Announces Focus On Goodwill Creation

Vera Ambuehl, greater Seattle, WA Media Strategy Consultant announced her decision to expand on content creation services and add an emphasis on Authority Marketing to help professionals in the Pacific Northwest increase media exposure.

The service helps entrepreneurs quickly rise to the top in their respective industry, in terms of branding, sales, goodwill and reputation. It consists of publishing informational and educational content online and off that showcases the author’s expertise.

Frank Kern, Master Copywriter and acclaimed Consultant to the Internet Marketing industry, in his book, Convert, summed it up this way: “Our income is often – and by often I mean almost always – directly proportional to the amount of goodwill that we have with our marketplace.”

“Goodwill hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in marketing circles, but in past accounting courses I remember it being listed in the asset column with a monetary value attributed to it. Mr. Kern’s point is well made, and his emphasis on customer service is refreshing. Developing and maintaining goodwill with current customers is a worthy ongoing effort that maintains long-term loyalty. It probably should be considered a prerequisite to an expansion of authority, especially if establishing stability as the foundation for further growth is the goal.” Vera said.

Under this new focus content is published strategically in a manner that quickly positions the professional as the local subject matter expert in dozens of major media outlets. Being featured in this way contributes to the creation of a positive reputation for a professional or business owner as well as a surge in public awareness that facilitates the interest of new potential clients. Television and radio appearance opportunities may also result.

“I think this new stress on content is an authentic way, without the ‘hypey’ marketing ploys often seen today, to promote talented professionals who have excellent customer service skills and enjoy educating their clients.” Vera stated.

Since 2009, Vera has been engaged in the insightful art of ghostwriting; crafting books, articles and marketing content for professionals, while maintaining their voice.  She’s relied upon by clients for her determined ability to seek out and accurately articulate their uniqueness and points-of-view.  She is a published author and has been an active member of the internet marketing industry since 2005.

Vera is the founder of Whidbey Marketing Maven, a full service marketing agency on Whidbey Island, in Washington State. Learn more at


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