Valerie Brunnberg Is A Champion For Fitness

Helping people become healthier and more active is Valerie Brunnberg’s passion. As the president of Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc. (, Brunnberg inspires her clients with a global reach, a dedication to the whole person, and a commitment to giving back.

Capitalizing on the running craze, Brunnberg has designed a program involving Virtual Races in a variety of themes to entice people up off the couch and into a quest for fitness. Virtual Races allow participants to run, wherever they are in the world, and still get all the benefits of group participation. Themes range from The Devoted Doggy Dash to the Be An Angel 5K/10K/Half-Marathon.

With Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc., participants can customize their experience by adjusting race components to fit their own needs and fitness level. With multiple Virtual Races scheduled regularly each month, runners are encouraged to complete the distance however they desire. They can break up the distance over a number of days or all at once. They can walk or run or do any combination of the two.

Members of Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc. are able to achieve fitness goals and  improve their entire lifestyle, enjoying the benefits of improved health and creating better habits. “By participating in our events, our members gain confidence, feel inspired, develop healthy habits, feel celebrated, and take pride through their involvement in our global community that works to make the world a healthier and more blissful place,” Brunnberg says.

Upon completion of reach race, each member gets finisher’s medal as a token of their success. The medals are thoughtfully designed to remind members of their success and also inspire them to continue on the path to fitness through Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc. Providing handsome mementos is only part of the way that Brunnberg shows her dedication to her members. She prides herself on providing excellent customer service and answering member’s questions quickly and accurately.

Boasting an ever-growing social media presence with over 15,000 likes on Facebook, Brunnberg uses her company’s success to give 10% of the proceeds of each Virtual Race back to charities, with over $22,000 being donated in the past year. In addition, Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc. is planning to hold its first conference – “Born Fabulous” Women’s Conference – in March of 2015.

Brunnberg is an avid advocate for both Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc. and each of its members, deriving personal satisfaction from each success story and each goal completed. “The most rewarding aspect of my role as President of Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc., is seeing our community reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, watching our members get excited about being active, hearing about how they are feeling good about their progress no matter how small, and knowing that they are paying it forward by inviting others to get Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc. too. I also love being able to bring awareness and financial gains to various charities,” Brunnberg says.

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