USAA And GEICO Named the Best Auto Insurance Companies for New Drivers at Insurance Panda, a leading car insurance comparison solution for savvy automobile drivers nationwide, came to the conclusion that for new drivers getting started on the road, that their best bets for being insured as a new driver was to opt for either GEICO or USAA insurance.

Aside from being a top-rated independent research and recommendation platform for a wide array of insurance carriers, is also a leader in industry education. regularly publishes high quality content on insurance claims, coverage and industry updates, sharing knowledge garnered from years in the industry working with dozens of auto insurance providers across the nation. The post explains why purchasing new driver car insurance can be a difficult task, having never done research or having any past prior experience in dealing with and negotiating with insurance companies.

The article, “Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies for New Drivers”, makes it one-click simple for new drivers to find the insurance company that best aligns with their budget and coverage needs, all while informing the new driver about the process. For example, one section lets the reader know that there are certain companies that offer low introductory prices to new insurance subscribers, while others may be user friendly or have a reputation for making the process exceedingly simple for those people as they go through the sign-up process.

“The insurance process can be overwhelming and unknown territory for new and seasoned drivers alike,” said Direct president, Stef Smith. “As a website that provides automotive insurance comparisons and recommendations for drivers of all calibers, it is also our responsibility to provide solutions for those on the road.”

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