UK Eco-Friendly Company Popagami Takes Craft Industry By Storm

The craft market is taking the world by storm, with Forbes recently reporting that the global market has grown to $36 billion with over 75,000 retail outlets stocking craft supplies. The industry has resisted the pitfall of digital consumer habit changes, as they rise to 90% sales through brick and mortar outlets as opposed to online. Millennials lead consumer audience with a 41% share, their adaption to alternative therapeutic techniques and desire to create has assisted the surge in crafting as a socially celebrated pastime.

Phillip Craik, Managing Director of the West Sussex character-based Origami company Popagami is seeing the trend move from fad to lasting hobby and has his own niche contribution to the developing industry.

Craik started Popagami while working in Seoul, combining his passions for both science and art to create a form of paper engineering which would become his successful Dragons Den featured business. The famed Japanese art form acted as a communication tool between languages, with Craik sourcing a solution to engaging his class in an alternative way.

The Telegraph published research citing crafts as the fastest growing segment of the British creative industries in 2016, with a 44% sales increase since 2010. The market is split between 18-34 year olds at 41%, 35-54 year olds at 36%, and 55+ range hold a 23% share according to the CEO of the Association of Creative Industries. This has been largely linked to the growth of ‘mindfulness’ activities and the desire to engage with peers and families away from screens in a creative environment which offers skill building and tangible output.

The neurological and psychological benefits of crafting has become more evident in recent years, with decreasing stress and anxiety heralded as its leading attributes. Craik is leading his sustainable paper-based company to new levels of social development, with plans to branch Popagami into special needs learning.

Craik said, “It’s incredible to see crafts becoming the social norm and I envision Popagami holding its own as a fad within the near future. I often make my Popagami characters in restaurants and on commuter trains and it causes a lot of excited whispers around me. It often feels like I’m demonstrating a magic show when I’m making Popagami in public.” Craik continues, “I want to see my vision thrive in our developing world and a huge part of that is making it as environmentally friendly as possible.”

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About Popagami

Phillip Craik launched Popagami based in West Sussex, UK in 2008. Popagami, including finger puppet range Popettes, are based on traditional Japanese 3D origami designs. Craik leads an eco friendly business whereby all paper and posted craft packs are made with recycled material.

Craik appeared on Dragons Den television show in 2012 asking the ‘dragons’ for investment in the company. Since appearing on the show, Popagami has been featured multiple times in the media and was even named in a gift list as one of the 50 best books for Christmas.

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