Two-time Cancer Survivor Andrea Fairbairn Pens Her Experience, becomes an Amazon Bestselling Author in Multiple Categories and Countries

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A second cancer diagnosis is considered to be the end of the road for many, but it created a sense of purpose for Andrea Fairbairn. She was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 2007, and was cancer-free and ready to move on by 2011. This is the time when she was diagnosed a second time, at a young age of only thirty-nine. However, with sheer grit and determination, Andrea did well to get the better of the most dreaded disease for the second time.  

Having remained cancer-free for more than six years, Andrea wrote her book “Chemo and Back Again” to document her cancer journey and provide practical advice and guidance related to efficient management of chemotherapy. This book was recently released in Amazon, and is currently the number one bestseller in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Andrea’s book “Chemo and Back Again” is full of practical information and tips, along with real-life events and diary entries, all showing how to get through cancer and chemo and make it as easy as possible. She also mentions the experience of undergoing chemo can be the most difficult phase for the cancer suffers.

“Finding out that you need to do chemo is huge. Many of us are scared of doing chemo and how it will affect us. It is easy to feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and uncertain about the path ahead. And sometimes it’s hard to find the right resources to guide and help,” Andrea says.

Andrea mentions that the process of cancer diagnosis makes the sufferers feel alone as they are gripped by the fear of dying, the unknown and an uncertain future. The fear of cancer treatments and their side-effects can make things even worse. Unfortunately, while going through this depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed phase of life, it is extremely difficult to find the right resources to guide and help. This is exactly what Andrea has accomplished through her book.

“With Chemo and Back Again, you are able to come to acceptance, peace and even joy with cancer, regardless of the outcome,” claims Andrea. “It has been written for men and women diagnosed with cancer or going through treatment, those who’ve finished treatment, and those who are living with or dying from cancer.”

Andrea founded Breast Cancer Nirvana, a group of Pacific women in New Zealand affected by breast cancer, as a part of her vision to support others to not only survive breast cancer, but hopefully win a second chance at a great life. She is also the founder of The Joy Agency, a social enterprise dedicated to helping people find joy, peace and inspiration during and after cancer.

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