Turn Lost LASIK Leads Into “New” Patients With Web App From Medical Marketing Specialist Troy S. Cole

Troy S. Cole, Medical Marketing Consultant and Director of Accounts at Miller Public Relations, developed the new LASIK Lead Rescue system to help practices turn lost leads into “new” patients. “Having worked with LASIK surgeons for nearly two decades, we’ve been able to deep-dive into every facet of the patient generation process,” Cole said. “By far, the most overlooked area for booking new patients is a practice’s cancelation and no-show list. We created the LASIK Lead Rescue as an autopilot system to recapture these ‘dead leads’ and turn them into patients.”

According to Cole, if a lead makes it all the way to a practice’s consultation schedule, that person is more than 80% of the way through the purchase cycle. Though if that person cancels or no-shows the appointment, the lead is far too quickly moved to the “dead lead” list. Statistically, this move is absolutely wrong. Data shows there’s a high likelihood that the lead will have the procedure, possibly with a competitor. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions, an international benchmark and advisory firm, 4 out of 5 leads considered to be “dead leads” will buy within 2 years.

Additionally, the National Sales Executive Association has cited studies that up to 80% of sales occur on the 5th to 12th contact with a lead. So how does the LASIK Lead Rescue system leverage this data to create patients? Imagine hiring a top-level patient counselor whose only job was to send thoughtful, useful, personal messages to your unconverted leads every few days. It would keep your practice top-of-mind and ensure you are the chosen practice once the lead is ready for LASIK.

The LASIK Lead Rescue system acts as this virtual patient counselor. The system automatically sends a series of messages to your canceled or no-show leads, personalized from your designated team member. Each message looks and feels like a personal email, addressing the lead by name, and each has a call to action to reply and schedule a consultation.

Above all, the system is simple and completely automated – Cole claims it takes 5 minutes to learn and 5 seconds to add a lead. This allows physicians and key staff members to focus on current patients, while the LASIK Lead Rescue system works in the background to create more patients from canceled or no-show leads. The LASIK Lead Rescue system isn’t simply based on theory. Practices across the country are already using the LASIK Lead Rescue system to add new patients to their surgery schedules each week.

Dina Owens, Lead Counselor, Mann Eye Institute said, “Once I started using it for my LASIK screening no shows, I immediately began getting emails back that day, and they are still coming in. I simply do not have time to keep reaching out to our lost leads, but this helps keep our name fresh in the minds of leads when they do not book right away. It’s great!”

Citing the value of the LASIK Lead Rescue system and its parallels with an actual patient counselor, Cole states the system will be available to only one practice in each geographic region. To learn more about the LASIK Lead Rescue system and apply for the program, visit: http://www.LASIKLeadRescue.com.