Troy Mlenar To Release New Book On Marketing For Real Estate Agents

After several years of sluggish home sales resulting from the mortgage crisis, the majority of housing markets in the US today are currently experiencing what industry leaders would call a “housing boom” and this boom can spell trouble for real estate agents according to Troy Mlenar. In his soon to be released book, Troy outlines over 30 proven marketing strategies agents can use to keep their business growing month after month in good times and bad.

“When times are good, many agents neglect their marketing. Some even fall victim to the idea that the gravy train of business will last forever. The harsh reality is that the real estate market has peaks and valleys and an agents ability to become a great marketer is the difference maker,” said Mlenar.

In 2007 and 2008 the housing market in the Untied States began to crash. Home prices plummeted, leaving many homeowners upside down or facing a foreclosure. Labeled the “Mortgage Crisis” many lenders went out of business and the credit markets retracted the once abundant supply of what seem to be never ending money. Some reports claim that over 70% of  real estate and lending professionals quit the industry during this time.

“As the market has rebounded, we have seen more and more people apply for their real estate license and with the growth has come increased competition,” said Mlenar. “The most important skill any agent must learn is marketing, and not just for the lean times. Marketing must be happening all the time.”

In his upcoming book, Proven Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents, he has outlined over 30 strategies for agents to fill their pipeline with new clients including marketing to buyers and sellers through social media. Each chapter outlines the idea and how to quickly implement each strategy into the agents current marketing plan.

“I don’t just want to be another mortgage guy with his hand out asking for agents to refer me business. I want to give back in a real and tangible way. I want to be an educator and an advocate for the success of real estate agents in my market and that is why I put this book together,” Mlenar adds.

After the book is released, he plans to host educational events at real estate offices and association luncheons teaching real estate agents on current marketing trends and how they can get quick results using his methods.

His book is scheduled to be released in the 4th quarter of 2014 in the Minneapolis, Minnesota market. Inquires about the book release and other opportunities can be directed to: Troy Mlenar at: or by calling (763) 270-4810.