Trinity Publications Group Launches Author Alchemy Program For Award Winning Authors

Best Selling Author and Publisher, Chrystine Love of Trinity Publications Group, adds an Author Alchemy Program to service offerings to help Award Winning Authors increase their position of influence.

Love highlights the importance of using strategic promotional methods for authors who want to spread their message, become part of the conversation within their marketplace and impact the narrative of their colleagues.

When asked why she believes the Author Alchemy Program is important, Love states, “Beyond placing the award seal on their book and website, most Award Winning Authors don’t know how to leverage their awards. This new program fills the gap between winning the award and leveraging the award with publishing and media vehicles to keep the book, award and author relevant in the heart and minds of the marketplace.”

Barbara Corcoran, famed Shark on ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank and author of Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business, often speaks about the importance of using media to get an edge.

“I could take a full page ad out in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times saying my company is the greatest in the world and maybe 10% of people who read it will believe it; but, when you are constantly quoted (as the expert in your field in major news media), everybody believes that you are.”

National media mentions are a major part of the Author Alchemy Program which is comprised of three phases.

Phase one clarifies the book’s message, ideal reader and purpose. Based on that information a national media release is written and syndicated to dozens of major media affiliations.

Phase two is optimizing the book listing on Amazon so the book’s cover, description and categories are in alignment with the book’s messaging refined in Phase One so the book is positioned for long-term success.

Phase three activates the promotional cycle geared towards the on-going climb of the Amazon Best Seller’s List.

Love’s strategies are not just theory, as she has been helping entrepreneurs, professionals and authors with publishing and media services for years.

“Chrystine, with her methods and process is a pleasure to work with and the results are mind blowing,” said Darryl Smith, The New Managers Catch-22.

“The process was smooth and it was literally hands-free (only thing I had to do was the 30 minute interview and that was actually fun). Chrystine is extremely kind, professional and helpful, guiding me all the way to the best-seller goal” said Oscar Calderon, The Client Magnet.

John Sullivan, Best Selling Author of 7 Secrets To Retargeting The Right Way stated, “Chrystine spent a lot of time with me during our early stages of the interview to ensure we got the right result.  If you would like someone to help you establish authority and attract clients then this I believe will be one of the best investments you can make.”

It has been documented that people are not influenced by generic promotional efforts; however, people are influenced by authority figures. Being an Award Winning Author presupposes authority figure status. Love’s new program is designed to leverage that status to higher levels of authority, credibility and influence.

Love cautions, “This three phase process is not a book marketing program or long term process. The Author Alchemy Program is a quick way for Award Winning Authors to leverage their hard-earned honors to solidify their position as a significant author, educator and expert on the books’ topic.

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