Trend Sales Specialist Judy Kauffman Salutes Mothers In Retail Trade

This Mother’s Day, Judy Kauffman is paying a special tribute to retailers who also happen to be Mothers and Grandmothers. Kauffman, a “trend” sales specialist to the retail trade is betting that many retailers who are also “Mothers” will push back their own Mother’s Day celebration  in order to serve their consumers.

According to Kauffman, “Mother’s Day shopping is in full swing throughout this weekend and even morphs into the following weeks providing ‘redemption’ for late shoppers. This is hardly a time of reprieve for busy retailers. As such, I simply have to give a shout out of  heartfelt respect, admiration and appreciation to all the 225 Unlimited retail customers who are Mothers and Grandmothers.

Judy also pauses to recall  fondly that her own Mother worked in retail as a young store clerk starting at age 16 and really had a knack for the business. Later, she reportedly gave up a  promising home-fashion buyer career to marry her true love and later become…you guessed it…a Mother!

“Yes, at some level, I might actually be living some of her dreams through my wholesale-to-retail business pursuits,” says Kauffman. Of course, she would’ve been a great retail CEO but became a Mom COO instead. Each day, I endeavor to incorporate the lessons my Mother taught me in building great retailer relationships. They include the following: always use good taste, be honest, treat people as you like to be treated and live up to your commitments.”

“Summarily,” says Kauffman, “I really love my profession and feel privileged to walk into into retail stores each day where I connect with smart retailers. They are some of the best people I know…and terrific Mothers.”

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About Judy Kauffman: 

Judy is a professional experienced trend sales specialist who is associated with 225 Unlimited, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. She provides business development, sales and customer support for leading trend suppliers in the wholesale-to-retail marketplace. A Mother and Grandmother also, Judy delights in the trend products she promotes. Summarily, she is a big fan and ardent supporter of her vendors, the entire 225 Unlimited team of gift/trend specialists and her “fearless leader” Kim Higgins.

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