Top Six Disasters to Avoid With Party Tent Rentals As Told By The Party Rental Whisperer

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It’s a new year and you are planning an event. It could be a wedding, corporate event, anniversary party or birthday. You need to rent tents as the event will be hosted outside. You are excited and cannot wait to get started.

Hold on for a minute!  Regardless of the occasion, there are six  big potential pitfalls that can literally leave you gasping for air and your guests running for their lives. What are these? Simply put, they all pertain to the tent selection and the set-up of the tent.

Factually,  the tent that is chosen and the set up has the hidden potential to make or break your event. Many party hosts are unaware of the issues associated with tents and may be caught smack dab in the middle of an awful party scene.  Among other aspects, liability for guest injury is not something that any party planner host desires. 

Here are the six potential disasters that can occur with tents:

  1. Choosing the Wrong vs. Right Size Tent: This is mission critical due to the size of your guest list. In today’s social distancing environment, one might consider multiple tents. Think wedding guest “pods”.
  2. Tent Stability: Worst case, your tent is  poorly anchored and not set-up properly. In the middle of your party, it collapses leaving guests bewildered, Grandma screaming and complete chaos.
  3. Being Tent Cheap: Admit it. You love a bargain. So, you are tempted to scrimp and buy a tent from a big box retailer. These tents are often too small and poorly constructed. They may leave you and your guests wide open for an epic fail.
  4. DIY Tent Set-up: There is a lot more to a tent set-up than 99% of people realize. If your  tent is not set-up properly, chances are increased that it will not stay up.
  5. Picking a Tent Location: Choosing a tent location that is not only aesthetically lovely, but that also is safe, is very important. Experienced tent set-up experts will ensure your tent is in the best location. Ideally, the tent will be away from  old trees with falling branches, bushes filled with critters or water soaked ground near lakes and rivers.
  6. Tent Lighting Hazards:  Choosing proper functional tent lighting for the inside and outside perimeter of the tent is pivotal for guest navigation and comfort. Evening and night-time events are particularly prone to lighting disasters that emanate from poor planning. For example, few people  know to avoid overhead powerlines or underground utilities when setting up tents.

So what is the solution for disaster prevention when  setting up tents for a party?  Simply call Front Porch Party Rentals! Ask for Robin, aka “the party whisperer”. 

He can most assuredly help you to avoid any potential party planning pitfalls and/or disasters related to tents.

With 20 plus years in the restaurant, catering, events and party rental business, Robin has just about “seen it all”. Most assuredly, he possesses the forethought and experience to help you relax.

While he and his team handle all the details of tent set-up, you can focus on the aspects of the party planning that are more comfortable and within your own realm of experience.   

You can also leisurely avoid the top six party tent rental disasters and keep your  peace of mind.

Go ahead and contact Front Porch Party Rentals Today! This may be the most important decision that you will make in event planning during  2021.  Get prepared now for successful event planning!

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