Top Realtor Baryalai Shalizi Sheds Light On Current Opportunities In Santa Fe

Baryalai (Baro) Shalizi is incoming President of the Realtors Association of New Mexico, a long-time Realtor and the owner/broker of Shalizi Real Estate in New Mexico. In this article, Shalizi discusses the current state of the Real Estate market in Santa Fe as well as where buyers and sellers may find some little-known opportunities.

Baro Shalizi first became involved in real estate in 1992 when a friend of his needed temporary help with her property management business. Shalizi recalls, “In 1993 I switched from property management to sales and I haven’t looked back. I enjoy working with people, helping them find the best possible home and in time, selling their home when they are ready to move on to something else.”

As a dedicated learner of his craft, Shalizi is constantly upgrading his skills to better serve his clients. In his own words, “Fascinated by the intricacies of real estate, I have earned many designations and certifications over the years.” Though far too many credentials to list here, Shalizi’s results speak volumes. He was Santa Fe’s Realtor of the Year in 2005 and he has a long, long list of both buyer and seller testimonials on his website.

When asked to comment on what is currently happening with real estate in and around Santa Fe, Shalizi made these interesting observations, “Thanks to the Internet and technology, real estate is now very transparent. Almost all information a buyer or seller may want is readily available to them.” While that is most often a good thing, Shalizi warns, “It can be a complicated process with many moving parts. It is the shepherding of a transaction from start to finish that requires a real estate practitioner—preferably a Realtor®.

Asked to clarify the distinction between a Realtor and any other real estate professional, Shalizi explains, “The key difference between the two is that a Realtor® is a member of the National Association of Realtors® and is bound by a Code of Ethics. Most Realtors® also undergo more rigorous training and a higher level of real estate related education.”

Shalizi returns to the topic, “Of paramount importance to a consumer is understanding the media. Most articles out of necessity cannot drill down to the local level so they either report on national, state or the city level, but real estate is very local.” Shalizi elaborates, “So what happens in New York may not be a reflection on what is happening in New Mexico. What may be a real estate trend in southern New Mexico – a reflection on the oil and gas boom – may have no impact on Santa Fe – a resort and second home market. Even within Santa Fe, there will be differences in real estate trends between price ranges and locations.”

Shalizi masterfully bridges the two topics, “That is where the Realtor® comes in very handy. It is their first hand knowledge and experience that can guide a consumer and provide them with the most current information.” The message is quite clear. While many consumers feel that they are real estate experts simply because they have lived in a house, nothing could be further from the truth. “The reality is that real estate is a complex field highly regulated by Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances. These laws and regulations must be adhered to when transacting real estate business,” says Shalizi and then adds with more conviction, “No one is immune from the law, but few consumers know them and ignorance does not make for a good defense. That is where the Realtor® comes in and can help a buyer navigate through the myriad of documents, disclosures and requirements.”

Baro Shalizi certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to real estate details in general and Santa Fe specifically. Shalizi is an Accredited Buyer Broker; At Home With Diversity (which he also teaches), a Certified International Property Specialist, a Certified Residential Specialist; electronic-Professional, and a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute of New Mexico to name a few. Anyone wishing to learn more about Baro Shalizi or his services is encouraged to call him at (505) 474 4203 or visit his website at: