Top Producer Connie Erickson Discusses Real Estate Opportunities In Door County, WI

Connie Erickson is a nationally-recognized speaker, trainer and top-producing REALTOR /Owner of Door County Realty, Inc. in Wisconsin. In this article, Erickson discusses the vacation property market in her area and the opportunities available to both sellers and prospective buyers.

Connie Erickson began her career in real estate in 1984. She recalls, “In 1990, we purchased the Glister Company and Vacation Properties Network under the Corporation of Door County Realty, Inc.” Erickson adds with a big smile, “It has been a 30 year journey so far.”

Erickson works the Northern Door section of Door County which is basically from the Canal in Sturgeon Bay to the top of the Peninsula. She explains some of the challenges of her business, “99.9% of the properties I sell are second vacation properties. These properties are purchased with a discretionary income and the last thing that a buyer has to do is buy a Door County property and the last thing a seller has to do is sell a Door County property.” Erickson continues, “In most cases, the properties are not purchased for an investment, but rather a lifestyle experience. That experience includes living on a peninsula surrounded by 250 miles of lake front and all the arts, theater, sports, crafts, schools, great shopping and the list goes on and on.”

Door County certainly sounds like a perfect mix of wilderness and civilization and should appeal to a wide range of prospective home buyers. When asked about the state of the real estate market in the area, Erickson was quite optimistic, “I see our market slowly returning. Sales of properties over $600,000 are returning faster with double the increased sales over the past two years.” She elaborates, “For buyers it is the perfect time to buy. Sellers, in most cases, are still not receiving the sales price they would like to see. Interest rates are also favorable though this plays a lesser factor in the purchasing decisions of second home buyers.”

Erickson then states in a matter-of-fact manner, “I believe a smart buyer will buy within the next two years, but if they don’t they will most likely find themselves paying a much higher purchase price.”

When asked if she had any insider tips or tricks to share with prospective buyers or sellers in her area, Erickson was very candid in her response. “Work with a professional REALTOR. Make sure you work with someone who has been in the business a long time, knows the market like the back of their hand, and one whose goal is to create a win/win situation for the seller and buyer in every transaction.”

Erickson summarizes, “I believe the success of both the buyer and the seller in every deal is dependent upon their choice of REALTOR.”

Connie Erickson definitely fits the mold of being knowledgeable and dedicated to winning outcomes. She has been featured on countless media outlets including such nationally recognized publications as the Chicago Tribune, Real Estate Magazine, and Crain’s. Anyone wishing to learn more about Connie Erickson and her services is encouraged to visit her website at: or to call her directly at (920) 868-2075.