Top Fashion Blogger For Black Women, Tanya Major, Talks About “Must Haves” For Vacation

Tanya Major of Major Must Haves, is a fashion blog writer that stays on the frontline of the current trends for African-American women. This week her blog covers the “must haves” when preparing for a vacation. Major focuses on the fashion end, but also answers the common question, What are key items that every traveler should have on hand when taking a trip? Besides considering travel times, Major suggests covering your essentials. “I always make sure to have plenty of reading material, a nice pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, a favorite hat, bathing suits and cover ups, especially if it’s a tropical vacation,” says Major.

Another important consideration when preparing for a trip is the destination. Major explains that keeping your valuables safe is important. “I suggest bringing a nice backpack if you are going to do some walking, or a cross body bag that you can wear if you want to do some sightseeing. It’s always good to have your hands free and have a bag with a zipper on it to make sure your stuff is secure,” adds Major.

When asked what’s the number one thing to bring, Major jokingly says, “Bringing the right person can make or break a vacation. The wrong person can really kill your vibe. It’s not good being with someone who is not on the same page, so make sure you have a great companion to travel with.”

When asked her advice about how to look sexy, but still stay comfortable on vacation, she suggests:

“The perfect cover up. One that makes you feel comfortable, so if you have a wider mid-section, you should choose a cover up that drapes over your shoulder a little bit and comes a few inches above the knee.” Major adds, “Make sure you choose one that is light enough to wear in the water, and easy to air-dry once you get out.”

Next year Major is planning a trip to Paris. She has some great tips when traveling to a cooler climate that is both metropolitan and fashionable. “Most of the time it is gloomy there, so you definitely need a coat, closed in shoes and a nice bag for dinner, as it’s very fashion oriented in Paris. A nice blazer, or a turtleneck would work great with a pair of jeans or tights under a dress so you can mix it up.”

New Years Eve is right around the corner and many people are planning trips to the major hot spots to ring in 2015. When asked about appropriate attire for a trip to places like Las Vegas, Major says you definitely need a nice, sexy dress and a pair of heels, plus a couple of things that are comfortable to wear for walking around the shops before going out to dinner. “So, get a couple of dresses, as you have to step it up in Vegas. You have to look your best always, but also aim for things that are comfortable as well,” says Major. In her latest series, she goes on to explain how jeans, a couple of flowy tops, a pair of heels or wedges, and a pair of bejewelled flats are a staple for any wardrobe. To learn more about fashion ideas and advice from Tanya Major visit

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For the past four years, Tanya Major has been writing the “Major Must Haves” blog and has caught the attention of numerous African-American women between the ages 18 to 45. She has been featured in magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly alongside many celebrities like Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and more. Tanya Major provides inspiration and motivation for a community eager to read her unique, trendsetting column. Major also works with a variety of high-end retailers, including GAP, Old Navy, Barney’s, Sax Fifth Avenue, and Victoria’s Secret, who can be found in her online visual mall page.

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