The Greatness Trilogy: The Secrets For A Wildly Successful Life

The Greatness Trilogy is a concept that touches your Mind, Body and Spirit…

Charles Tchoreret created this all-encompassing approach which includes coaching, unique tools and personal development. The objective is to bring individuals to awaken the greatest version of themselves in everything they do with an inside-out approach.

Charles Tchoreret is the founder of The Greatness Trilogy which is a business venture that started growing while he was still in the corporate world.  There was a huge need for personal development out there and he knew that he could make a difference by bringing his contribution.

By profession, Charles Tchoreret is an experienced Supply Chain Management expert and an SAP Materials Management (SCM) Consultant, who worked for 25 years in the Oil and Gas Industry for Shell International.  His job gave him the opportunity to live and work with his family in Holland: Europe, in Nigeria: West Africa, in Gabon: Central Africa and he is now living and working in Canada. He is well traveled, having visited 50 different cities on 4 continents.

Today, Charles is an Award Winning author and Number 1 best-selling author with “The handbook To Holistic Health” and Award Winning author with “The Handbook To Entrepreneurship, both books co-written with 20 amazing authors. He is also the co-author of the collaborative book “Own Your Dream” with Dr. Ona Brown, International Motivational Speaker and 15 world-class authors.

Charles is a powerful speaker, teacher, podcaster, and coach, he is dedicating his life to self-growth and self-expansion and to teach others do the same. He believes that we all have greatness in us and that what is needed most of the time, is to awaken that greatness and be willing to step out of one’s comfort zone, to see, embrace and enjoy an expanded horizon of possibilities, to take action and awaken one’s best version, continuously.     

Positive thoughts will enhance a positive life. The contrary is also true.

The Greatness Trilogy is a concept that embodies 3 key elements: Leadership, Fitness and Spirituality, which inspired Charles to work on his upcoming book The Greatness Trilogy – The Secrets For a Wildly Successful Life.

Your Body: it is the vehicle that will make it possible for you to take your message to your audience. It is the only body you will ever have and it is your responsibility to take good care of it.
Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. Increase your energy levels so that you can always be fit to carry out your activities in the most effective way. 

Your Mind: Keep learning. Expand your knowledge. You can self-learn or get the help of a coach to assist you in the process. A higher level of education is associated with the production of outstanding results. As a potential leader, you can only give what you have; therefore, be a continuous learner.

Your Spirit: The power of God inside of you is waiting patiently to be used. It is your decision to intentionally, give full control to that power inside of you.  It is the pure joy, the unconditional love, the energy that moves everything.

At the Greatness Trilogy, we understand that people are different, therefore a targeted coaching approach allows us to address your specific issues and to walk with you on your journey to the awakening of your best version. Therefore, the individualized program needs to be specifically designed to address your needs. 

Charles wants to raise his audiences’ awareness on the fact that we are all leaders. Whether a stay at home mom, a janitor or a business owner, we all have the potential to becoming  great leaders in our sphere of competence. It does not matter who you are, you can awaken the best version of yourself. Age does not matter, your geographical environment does not matter and your background does not matter.  

Always seize the opportunity to take yourself to the next level. There is nothing worth than having regrets on missed opportunities.

You have the right to be amazing, NOW.

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