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Is it possible to make $100k in 42 days? Why would someone make such an outrageous statement? Coach Richard Fletcher claims to have the secrets to that elusive steady flow of clients – and he also refuses to use paid adverts to achieve it.

While this might sound like the usual pie-in-the-sky claim from an internet entrepreneur, Richard is unusual in having detailed testimonials from grateful clients running real businesses, who are posting about their successes and triumphs on their very own social media. Either Richard is a mastermind in fake news, or there’s something interesting going on here.

A sample of the personal communication between Richard and one of his clients (used with permission), who now charges fifteen thousand dollars for his services.

“Hi Richard,

Man I have a problem now.

I increased my rates but I got overbooked. Even got some celebrities from Asia lined up. Found out that at higher price ranges, people like doctors, surgeons and lawyers can still easily afford it.

Can’t even keep up with the editing, so I’m urgently trying to train somebody to do it for me…”

This is taken from a conversation with a wedding photographer, whose business exploded in the best possible way over the course of a month, when he made a ballsy business decision on Richard’s expert advice. This photographer is more than happy for people to view his now high-flying antics on social media, as he shoots happy couples from a helicopter, for ten times his original fee.

A dating coach landing $10000 of business in a week. A network marketing company that doubled their business immediately. An Amazon seller that’s breaking the 100K barrier in the next six months. All real people, happy to be up-front about these life-changing results.

Either Richard is an expert in deep-fake technology, he’s employed a bunch of actors and created a whole bunch of fake media, including fake weddings and a fake helicopter, or it could be worth checking out his 6 week masterclass “The Ecosystem: 42 days to $100k”.

The six week program shows clients how to leverage the power of their own social media, with absolutely no paid adverts whatsoever. The bold claim of “Get clients organically on social media without the use of paid ads” is central to the course, and Richard provides a lot of testimonial material, including videos of genuine course graduates, who have real-life businesses.

“My messages are blowing up” and “I feel like I’ve been given a superpower” are two of the more memorable pieces of feedback about the course. The whole concept is clearly explained on the website with helpful infographics, which help to break up the detailed text. Even if you’re deeply cynical about coaching, it’s hard not to get a little excited by this particular program. As Richard himself points out, there’s a hell of a lot of hucksters out there, and a lot of bad information. What if one day, you stumbled across the right one?

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