“The Authority Divas” Help Realtors Shine With New Book, “Authority Broker”

Real estate brokers now have a resource to take them from ordinary to almost celebrity in their city. A new book, Authority Broker: A Different Approach to Attracting More Agents, Sales, and Recognition, will be released later this month by Lisa Williams and Tamika Bridgewater, “The Authority Divas.” They specialize in a new style of marketing – Authority Marketing – it is, in essence, using your expertise to create for yourself a reputation as an authority in your chosen industry, which results in more business.

Frank Kern, an authority on this type of marketing stated, “Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to the market place.”

According to The Authority Divas, now, more than ever before, becoming a credible authority and trusted broker or agent is extremely important. The real estate landscape has been forever changed since the market meltdown and social media becoming so prevalent during the peak and fall of the market as well. The Authority Divas share fresh, clever, and innovative strategies for real estate brokers to consider as they revamp their marketing strategies. They address how brokerages have been marketing to agents in the past and how their agents have been marketing to prospects, and guide them through different approaches to attracting more buyers and sellers, creating higher producing agents, and leveraging the media.

As Williams’ shares, “Creating that differentiation from another broker and other agents by third party credible and trusted sources recognizing you as the expert in your niche and in your area and then them featuring you as the authority is the direction that is going to bring back high revenues for brokers and agents.”

Real estate mogul, Barbara Corcoran, recently posted on Facebook: “The most effective way to build a brand is not by spending millions in advertising, but by finding a clever way to keep your name in the press.”

Bridgewater admires this post saying, “Barbara used the media and became the go-to expert and trusted real estate authority. Other brokers and agents can, and need to, do the same.” This strategy is precisely what The Authority Divas share in the book. They show real estate brokers how to cleverly go about keeping their name in the press which will make buyers and sellers more eager to work with them.

Williams and Bridgewater’s authority strategies mirror teachings from both Gary Keller, a foremost real estate authority and Barbara Corcoran, real estate broker mogul. Corcoran implemented out of the box media approaches that catapulted her career and positioned her very quickly as the top real estate broker in New York. Gary Keller’s teachings which brought him and his brokerage much success mimicked this as well. He writes, “In the battle for real estate consumer mind share, you’re either first or second or you’re out of contention. You’re at the head of the class or with the rest and lost in the masses.”

One of the pillars of authority marketing is being a leader in a niche in your industry, but another very important key is to become a published author, a topic that is central to the Authority Broker. Williams and Bridgewater marry becoming a published author with media coverage, gaining the heart of the community with PR in a brilliant way and they use a unique twist tying them all in together. Both Keller and Corcoran’s successes were increased considerably when they became published authors, educators, and advocates for the success of their prospects and customers.

Authority Broker guides real estate brokers and agents through the process of becoming an authority, a published author, and also even a bestselling author. As Bridgewater says, “These publicity tactics are seldom seen by your peers simply because it seems too difficult and they quite frankly just don’t know how to do it.” She goes on to say, “It’s time to set yourself apart from all the other Brokers and Realtors in your area. People will want to work with you and choose you over other agents.”

Niching is another big component of The Authority Divas marketing, and Gary Keller echoed this approach by saying, “A team of highly trained specialists delivers a consistently and predictably higher level of fiduciary service.” 

Authority Broker explains the secret sauce of micro-specialization and how it very effectively draws buyers and sellers to agents, and agents to brokers.  The Authority Divas share how their strategies help brokers and their agents become “the hunted, not the hunter,” as Williams puts it.

Williams goes on to say, “Think of how prospective buyers and sellers will view you when they see you featured as an industry expert on radio shows, podcasts, national online news, business websites, and magazines. Being reported on, written about, and quoted as an authority on sites like CNN, and dozens of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox affiliates will take you from an everyday local broker or realtor in the eyes of the community to a real estate professional people want to work with.” This is a key component to authority marketing – allowing others to position the broker and agents as an authority instead of them saying it themselves.

Brian Horn, a writer for www.AllBusiness.com said, “Remember: being an expert does not involve calling yourself an authority on a subject, but instead includes methods that encourage others to recognize you as such.”

The Authority Divas in the simplest explanation can “position you for success faster than you can do it yourself.” Brokers and Agents interested in learning how becoming an authority will change their business can visit: http://www.TheAuthorityDivas.com and find out more information about The Authority Broker book.

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