Teevee Aguirre, Dallas, TX Marketing Consultant – Impacting Businesses – One Website Visitor At A Time

In an economy where businesses are constantly looking for marketing campaigns to help them grow using the internet, Teevee Aguirre is the first in line willing to help utilizing the newest internet technology – Real Time Bidding (RTB).

By placing a little line of code on your website, RTB gives you the opportunity to ensure people who visit your website at least once, will come back again. Still in it’s infancy, not a lot of business owners know about the power of RTB. According to Aguirre, it can still confuse some people.

“People think RTB is confusing, when in reality, it’s not. It’s an untapped market that’s growing dramatically. When people visit your website, the whole idea is the get them to call you, email you, or buy what you have. If they leave without doing either of the three, chances are, they aren’t coming back. RTB tips the scale in your favor. Using RTB, you can target your website visitors and continue to market to them – dramatically increasing the odds of them calling you, emailing you, or returning to your website.” Teevee says.

Adweek, the online leader in technology news, echos Aguirres points about RTB. “The number of companies using Real Time Bidding increased 69% from 2012 to 2013. ” Business Insider, also echos his points about RTB. “Businesses who utilize the power of RTB retargeting are seeing increases of 72% in return website visitors – leading all other active advertising mediums.”

With the average business running an average of 5 marketing programs simultaneously, it’s important to leverage the money currently being spent to drive visitors to your business. Utilizing the power of RTB let’s you leverage the money you’re currently spending on marketing your business.

The RTB system utilized by Teevee is not just theory, as his company has been delivering services service to small business owners in many industries for years. Aguirre spoke of a yoga instructor with 2 Dallas locations who was able to retarget over 10,000 people in only 6 weeks. “We leveraged their website and their upcoming Groupon campaign to hit the ball out of the park. It took 15 minutes for me to set up and the owner didn’t have to lift a finger.” Although specific numbers were not mentioned, Aguirre said the return on investment for the yoga studios was “dramatic”.

A search on Yelp revealed similar enthusiasm for his company, Dallas Marketing Rockstar. Jim L says: “…I would never pass up an opportunity to recommend him to anyone who is struggling with increasing online visibility for their business.  Make no mistake, if you hire Teevee, you will see an increase in business.”

Saul G. says something similar: “…Visits to our website have gone from dozens a month to several thousand. He volunteers his time but he manages the site as if it were a full time job.”

To find out more about RTB and his services, or to get in touch with Teevee Aguirre, you can visit his website at www.dallasmarketingrockstar.com.