Taha Bashir Real Estate Sellers Representative San Diego | Major Misconceptions When Listing A Home For Sale

Taha Bashir, a Real Estate Sellers Representative in San Diego said, “The number one misconception that I see when listing a home is that the seller, most of the time, is unrealistic about the selling price.” Most sellers want the money that they put into the house back. They feel that what they put into it is what the market should demand, not what the market is. If somebody bought a home three years ago for $575,000, they will want to list the house at $675,000, when that should not necessarily be the case if the market is actually lower at this point in time.

It is the same thing with the concept of upgrades that have been done to the home as well. A lot of people do a lot of upgrades not calculating how they will affect the value of the home. They feel that if they put $100,000 into a home that they should get that back. When it is time to sell they will want to list the home $100,000 or more over what the market is asking. Then they get upset because the home is not selling.

Not talking to a realtor, an appraiser or a professional before they start doing those expensive, pricey upgrades is always a mistake. It’s not necessarily the agent’s fault the house is not selling. It could be the agent’s fault if the agent has not told the seller that the house is not going to get the asking price because of a declining market or overpriced upgrades. The market in many ways is still that way right now. The seller must understand, yes, you put this amount of money into the home, but the way the current trends are in the market you will not be able to get that at this time. The seller’s choices are to either wait until the market comes back up, or list the home at what the market is and see what they can get.

Selling a home can be daunting. In fact, it can be a full-time job. For most people, it makes sense to hire an expert to handle the time-consuming tasks and the nitty-gritty details. Real estate agents can take work off your hands and they also help you get a better deal.

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