T Allen Hanes Named #5 in Top 10 Media Training Speakers You Need to Know

T. Allen Hanes, International Speaker, Best Selling Author was recently named to Top 10 Media Training Speakers You Need to Know.

Social media explorer and  named the TOP 10 media trainers in the world and Hanes ranked 5th.

Johnson said “A quick way to celebrity status is what T. Allen Hanes offers. He says he can help you become not just an authority on something but an undisputed authority, the leader of the pack. Hanes is not just a speaker, he is also a bestselling book author and a media coach, too.”

Hanes responded “I was shocked to be even considered but to be ranked and mentioned with these other TOP media trainers is humbling. I love helping entrepreneurs and business owners get the recognition they deserve through media and publishing, and it’s gratifying to be chosen as one of the best” 

T. Allen Hanes is conducting an epic experience with 17 other TOP speakers at Space Center NASA Houston on Jan, 30th, and 31st.  For more information on the event go here www.youmissioncriticalhouston.com

Up next for T. Allen Hanes hot out of Houston.  He will be appearing at the ImaginationIQ event in Las Vegas,  February 16-18, 2017.

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