Suzanne O’Brien has been in the Staffing Industry for 13 plus years and has managed some large corporations. She is the CEO of Blake Rian Consulting. She is also seen as a leader in her industry. Suzanne has spent a lot of time on continuation of training, seminars, and master classes with the aim of using the acquired knowledge to grow her business. Blake Rian Consulting provides an efficient, effective and enjoyable experience to jobseekers and employers. As a Certified Women-owned Company with experience partnering with clients in all industries Nationwide, Suzanne O’Brien makes it her priority to understand the needs of the employers and job seekers to help bring together the perfect match in expertise, skill and company culture fit. ​ Suzanne is also a contributing Author in the soon to be released “Women in Business ~ Leading the Way” … To be released on Amazon Spring 2020.

Two Chics in the City: An Entrepreneur’s Journey is a podcast focused on growth and learning for small business owners as they travel through the entrepreneurial journey. Guests at various stages of the journey join hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams as they take a comical yet educational look at the common struggles, concerns and successes of small businesses.

Suzanne O’Brien discussed her phenomenal business growth within the first 2 years of being in business. She elaborated on how she managed to grow her business expanding it over 2 states and still grow her family. She also elaborated on todays trends in the staffing industry and how a staffing company can help you grow your business.

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Tracy Swain is the owner of eTS Consulting, Inc. which houses Information Technology, Travel, Media and Marketing businesses. She loves to travel and particularly

enjoys working directly with clients on their luxury travel needs through her business Daniella Rose Travel. Learn more about Tracy’s businesses at:

JaVonne Williams is the owner of Elite Village Construction Management, LLC. In 2017, JaVonne became a franchisee and brought GOGO Party Bus Central Florida to the Central

Florida region and the surrounding areas. Learn more about JaVonne’s businesses at:

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