Susan Blais, Leadership Coach and Consultant, Appears on Business Innovators Radio

Susan Blais is a leadership coach and consultant for individuals and teams serving all levels of a company. Due to her past experience in the corporate world, Susan’s relatability is unique as she worked her way up from receptionist to CEO over a twenty-six-year period. As Susan is interviewed by host Alicia Dibrell-Williams through Business Innovators Radio, she shares her passion for creating optimal workplaces as well as some of the biggest issues leaders struggle with.

Susan shares that indeed almost everything does start at the top, which is why it is so important that leaders operate at their full potential. Being a leader is not an easy task, especially in the constantly-shifting environment of the 21st century. You have a big responsibility and reputation to uphold. Therefore, according to Susan, leaders must understand the balance between meeting the needs of their people and achieving business results.

The biggest challenge for many companies, that Susan sees way too often, is when there are multiple leaders at the top who have conflicting views and approaches. This results in a constant push-pull for the team and wasted time and money for those trying to resolve the situation. Also, Susan shares the impact on a team of a boss that has poor emotional self-control.  This is unhealthy for the company because employees are constantly in fear that an eruption may occur at any time. Lastly, Susan often sees leaders who simply are just not prepared for their position. She explains that just because an employee succeeds in their individual role, does not mean they are ready to lead a team.

As a coach and consultant, Susan works with business leaders to identify their strengths, their motivations and disappointments and what makes them tick. She speaks with team members as well as the leader to ensure that she has a 360 view of everything going on. Then she analyses the financials to ensure she is bringing the highest possible value to a company that she can. Susan really wants to tackle every aspect to reach the best outcome possible.

The reason Susan achieves lasting results is because she creates a strategic action plan for the company rather than focusing only on problem-solving. By creating a plan that eliminates many problems by designing over, under, or around them, Susan leaves a company with a positive outlook by giving them the tools to create the future they really want.

Combined with her masters in Marriage and Family therapy, and her certifications in Kolbe consulting and coaching, Susan’s experience is unique and able to be applied to many situations. Her passion for helping others is apparent as she showers each and every company with a positive spirit and the tools for ongoing growth. Susan is not only fun to work with but she is effective and repeatedly has exceed her client’s expectations.

If you wish to connect with Susan or find out more information, please email her at You may also call her office phone at 818-444-7744 or you can check out her website at

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