Sugar & Kush CBD Helps Millennials Sleep and De-Stress Through Hemp

Clifton Place, NJ, June 6, 2019 – The launch of Sugar and Kush CBD marks a turn in the CBD industry as a true wellness alternative enters the market for millennials around the United States seeking a better night’s sleep and a healthier way to destress.

For too long CBD brands have exploited the lack of regulation overseeing the abundance of cannabidiol products hitting the market. In order for cannabidiol to be a beneficial piece of an overall healthy lifestyle it must offer consistent mg strength and be infused with proper ingredients with the best farming and extraction practices. Many of the brands in the market now remove any of the real health benefits of CBD by infusing it into unhealthy products. Hence the inspiration of Sugar and Kush CBD.

A young woman named Laura Brenner found incredible benefits from hemp extracts during her battle with ovarian cancer in her early thirties. It’s purpose in her holistic treatment was to allow her body to get the best natural night’s sleep possible providing her body the strength it needed for her fight against cancer. She also found that she had a better ability to focus on her health during the day with help from cannabidiol. After she entered remission she felt inspired to pass on what she knew to the world and show how CBD could truly help people.

CBD must be infused into the best possible oils for absorption, and products must be low-calorie, low-sugar. These insightful words from Laura apply to anyone, not only patients battling cancer. “We developed Sugar and Kush CBD oil products with little to no sugar so you can have your sweets too. I wanted to hit every aspect of everyone’s life. Our products are also great for diabetics and people following the Keto diet. I want to make sure we are including everyone in the world so that all can enjoy it and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.”

On every Sugar and Kush product page, whether it is the variety of CBD oil tinctures or CBD gummies, you will find a nutrition and ingredient label along with a lab purity testing report to ensure the CBD content of each product. It is imperative that people seeking the benefits of pure CBD hemp oil know that there is no chance of any psychoactive effect or the possibility of failing a drug test from the presence of THC. A certificate of analysis is essential when choosing a CBD product. Once regulations are finalized following the legalization of hemp and its derivatives late in 2018, regulators will mandate proper and accurate labeling. You know you have found the right brand in Sugar and Kush with the knowledge they are meeting regulations before they are even officially implemented.

The younger generation leading our world has the benefit of technology. It provides them a broad awareness on health and the ability to accomplish an abundance of work each day with the efficient tools of our modern era. Along with that knowledge and efficiency comes added stress from a world that is moving faster everyday. The need to keep up and not become obsolete weighs upon our mind. CBD may be the missing piece to the lives of millennials looking to destress, get a great night’s sleep and have the weapons they need to attack each day with the vigor and knowledge necessary to excel. Sugar and Kush CBD was built with the millennial generation in mind.

About Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD, is an all natural cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. With proper extraction techniques, CBD can be infused into oils for optimized absorption by the human body. While research is still ongoing concerning all of the benefits of CBD, it is well known as an anticonvulsant for people struggling with epilepsy, an anti-inflammatory for pain management, and an anti-anxiety agent. It does not cause drowsiness but people have found that without as many aches and pains or as much stress, it is allowing them to get a much better night’s sleep.

About Laura Brenner

At the age of 31 Laura Brenner learned she had stage 3 ovarian cancer. Refusing to lay down and let the cancer take her, she adopted an entirely natural, vegan and holistic lifestyle. While she acknowledges that Cannabidiol was not the sole factor that led her to remission, she believes it played a key role in enabling her body to fight off the disease. As a founder of Sugar&Kush she oversees all quality control of the products.

About Sugar & Kush

Located in Clifton Place, New Jersey, Sugar & Kush is an ecommerce store able to fulfill product orders around the world. The company uses the best practices in farming and extracting techniques for their hemp and infuse their CBD into CMT coconut oil. The CMT oil is best for absorption and has a great flavor as well. You can find a variety of CBD hemp oil tinctures at along with CBD gummies. The company will unveil an assortment of CBD cookies and brownies soon that also meet the low-calorie, low-sugar standards of all their products.

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