Stacey White, Video Marketing Expert, Explains Why Amazon CEO Is Using Online Video To The Launch The New Amazon “Mystery Device”

Stacey White, owner of Stacey White Solutions Online Marketing continually reminds business owners and professionals who are looking for better ways to get more customers that, “Video sells.” Online video allows customers to connect with businesses more powerfully than almost any other form of media. And yet for many business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs, video is not even a tool for consideration. Many business owners have a narrow view of what online video is and how it can be used to market services and products. Others see online video as “complicated” and “expensive,” and fail to see how a well-designed online video marketing strategy can deliver results over the longer term. Successful entrepreneurs who have been consistently making six and seven figure incomes for years swear by video, and more than two-thirds of online marketers state that they plan to increase their use of online video marketing in the coming year.

“Local business owners simply don’t understand that online video is the future of marketing. Many business owners think of TV commercials when they consider video, and crazy cat videos when they think of YouTube. But that is a limited perspective. Video attracts attention and increases engagement on websites, bestows expert status and authority, establishes connection and builds trust, educates and trains customers, and influences buying decisions,” notes White.

White goes on to explain, “An excellent example of online video’s power to attract customers, is the marketing strategy that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is using to launch Amazon’s new ‘mystery device.’ In the June 4th, 2014 article by Brian Fung, “Amazon is teasing a mysterious event on June 18. Is a Bezos-phone on the way?,” The Washington Post announced that Bezos is using a promo video to pique the interest of viewers so that they will request an invitation to his June 18th reveal of Amazon’s latest device. After watching the video, the viewer is asked to provide contact information and a reason (in words or by submitting a video) for why they should receive an invitation to the product launch presentation. Bezos knows that the air of exclusivity that is attaching to the product reveal would not work if he used text instead of video. What you see and hear in the video stirs your curiosity in a way that text could never do.”

As White is fond of explaining, “Video improves sales, and the statistics are worth noting: when presented with a choice between reading text or watching a video on a web pages, 60% of customers will watch the video. Of customers who view a video about a product or service, 85% will choose to make a purchase, and 52% will feel confident about their purchase decisions.”

She continues, “The big online stores like Amazon and Zappos discovered and embraced the power of video to grow their businesses. Today, almost all successful businesses have a YouTube channel. YouTube levels the playing field by making online video marketing affordable for any business owner or entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business. You don’t have to do a fancy expensive video to connect with your clients. When done correctly, an online video marketing strategy that is based on YouTube can deliver a stream of clients who are ready and eager to spend money with your business.” Helping businesses owners and professionals use online video and YouTube marketing to attract more customers is something that White has been doing for years.

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