Speaker, Media Consultant, And Author Molly Cantrell-Kraig Hits Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Circuit Train Your Brain: Daily Habits That Develop Resilience”

Speaker, media consultant, and author Molly Cantrell-Kraig‘s recent release, “Circuit Train Your Brain: Daily Habits That Develop Resilience” hit multiple Amazon.com best seller lists on July 11, 2019, climbing all the way to number 10 in the Job Hunting category.

Resilience is the hallmark of achievers in any industry, field, or discipline. Bouncing back from failure, heartbreak, or life’s curveballs can be difficult for some, but it is a trait that can be developed with time and practice. The bite-size daily exercises inside the book are designed to train the resilience muscles, making it easier to make positive changes.

In response to the book hitting the best seller list, Cantrell-Kraig stated, “It’s incredibly humbling to see the positive response for my work — Clearly resilience is on a lot of peoples’ minds. Nurturing everyday resilience is essential to not only our mental health, but our capacity to operate at our highest level.”

With the seemingly unending assault on our mental health every time we log onto social media, turn on the TV, or listen to the news, building resilience is more important than ever.  The habits outlined in Circuit Train Your Brain are simple and easy to implement, making the book a must read for anyone facing job loss, divorce, or life setbacks.

The book is available in print, Kindle, and hardcover versions on Amazon.

About Molly Cantrell-Kraig

Molly Cantrell-Kraig is a speaker, media consultant and author, profiled by The Christian Science Monitor and listed among the CNN10: Visionary Women in honor of Women’s History Month (March 2014), and featured as one of 32 global influencers in Social Media and Inspirational Leadership by the Huffington Post in February 2013.

As a speaker, Cantrell-Kraig covers topics as varied as building relationships between entrepreneurs and the media, women, poverty, social entrepreneurism, tech and impact investing. Cantrell-Kraig has appeared as either a speaker or panelist at NextGen:Charity in New York City; TechWeek Chicago and Pitch Week, Chicago. She was also invited to attend the premier episode of the Ricki Lake Show, in Los Angeles, where the episode featured online communities that had an impact offline. Additionally, Cantrell-Kraig has been profiled by WGN, The Shriver Report, the Women’s Media Center in Washington, DC, Women’s World Magazine, Bustle, and Autobody News. You may find Cantrell-Kraig on Instagram or Twitter as @mckra1g. She lives in Chicago, where you can find her near the lake or reading a book.

To learn more about Molly Cantrell-Kraig, visit https://www.mollycantrellkraig.co/