Sparkle Coin Jumps To $35 While Still In ICO

Cryptocurrency has forever changed financial transactions, but have struggled to gain mass adoption. Bitcoin has dramatically increased in price and trading volume, yet it is rarely accepted by businesses for the purchase of products and services. Furthermore, established financial networks and platforms simply cannot integrate and work with unsupported cryptocurrencies as a matter of policy and security.

Sparkle Coin, a highly transactable and managed cryptocurrency is the first to address these issues head-on by launching with a complete three company economic ecosphere that addresses the requirements for mass adoption through real-world use and liquidity via trading with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The Sparkle Coin Ecosphere is a group of companies working together to provide the necessary parts for Sparkle Coin to have real value based on economic principles., one of the three companies within the Sparkle Coin ecosphere, is the world’s first and only marketplace where you can purchase products and services from some of the biggest and most trusted online shopping sites including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Overstock, Kmart, Toy’R’Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Party City, and Staples, and pay using Sparkle Coin cryptocurrency.

VCoin Exchange’s payment gateway will allow virtually any shopping cart software or service to accept Sparkle Coin as payment. It will be the first to address this market in a simple and easy way through its payment gateway, unlike the current method of custom coding for each store. Interested parties only need to apply for an account, download the appropriate plugin or extension provided by VCoin Exchange free of charge and instantly be able to accept cryptocurrencies. The rapid changes in the price of cryptocurrencies which has prevented their use in purchases have now also been eliminated. When a customer purchases products or services through or an online store using the payment gateway with Sparkle Coins, the merchant gets paid the exact advertised price of the products or services in U.S. Dollars, regardless of the changing rate for Sparkle Coin. This patent-pending process provides the stability merchants have been waiting for to conduct business with cryptocurrencies.

Unlike most ICOs today, which are only at a White Paper stage and in need of funds to start development, the Sparkle Coin management group has completely developed the entire economic ecosphere and is ready to launch Sparkle Coin, VCoin Exchange, and In under 60 days, the value of Sparkle Coin has rocketed from $5 to $35, and the trend has been steadily increasing as more and more investors are flocking to an ICO with stable, wholly developed blockchain technology. Sparkle Coin maybe the bridge for main street adoption of cryptocurrency the markets have been looking for.

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